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Recommendations for the best cell phone provider for a family of 4.

Asked by YoBob (12823points) December 7th, 2010

Ok, so I have been using Tracfone, a pre-paid service for several years and have been very happy with it. Sure, I get iPhone envy from time to time, but then I remind myself that I pay $8.00 per month for my service.

My wife has AT&T (which she hates), but we have kept it because it is our “main” cell phone.

My oldest son has his own Tracfone. However, now that the youngest needs a phone of his own it is getting to the point where one of those “family plans” might be cheaper than our current arrangements.

Any recommendations?

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Are you looking to stay with AT&T for the iphone and crappy service, or switch to something with great service and high rates (Verizon) or something in between (T-Mobile, Sprint)?

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T-Mobile seems to specialize in family plans.

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@papayalily Frankly, one of the primary motivations is to give AT&T the boot.

I want:

1) Something that gives basic phone service at a cost less that our current collective pre-paid + one AT&T phone.

2) Some basic smart phone technology with a basic data plan for one of the phones would be nice, but not an absolute must.

3) Being able to tether the smart phone to a laptop on rare occasions when visiting a rural location in order to work remotely would be a plus.

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I have had T-Mobile, since it started as Voicestream in 1998. yeah, thats a long time and we are number two in T-Mobile longevity.

If we had not been satisfied with T-Mobile, we would have changed. they have many plans for families. they have a live person to talk to and that makes a big difference. they are customer-oriented. this means they will go the limit to help you with a problem.

They will give you free bonus minutes when an emergency arrives in your family and you need more minutes, when your minutes are about to end.

I highy recommend T-Mobile.

This is why they are No. 2 in the nation.

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