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What would you do if your neighbor was sitting in your living room when you walk in the door, with no explanation?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) December 11th, 2010

My neighbor 2 houses down, walks my dog and hangs out at my home. Tonight I went to drive some girls to celebrate for graduation and came home to the guy and his gf hanging in my house, with the door locking me out. I’ve already written him a note about crossing boundaries. I’m livid.

Who is their right mind, thinks it is alright to go in someone’s house and chill when the owner isnt there??

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Ask for the keys back, change lock and tell him that his dog walking services are no longer needed!

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It is a boundary violation. Thank goodness they weren’y using your bed!

@ZEPHYRA has the steps to take exactly down.

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My neighbour’s pretty cool. I’d offer him a beer.

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No one I know would ever presume to enter my house uninvited. If I did walk into that situation then immediately I’d think someone/some pet had died and my neighbor was there to break the news to me.

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If this happened to me?? I’d go next door & ask his wife for his tablet! :-/
He’d soon come back to us :-/
As for your neighbour…. Do you not have a gun?? ;-)

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OMG this must have been at the very least quite creepy I would have thought honey, and you’re right, it is overstepping a boundary. Our neighbours are just back from a holiday and we had their keys, with my hubby putting lights on/off (to prevent burglary etc) collecting mail (parcels) from delivery man etc, but he would never in a million years have been in their home for any longer than it took to do exactly these duties for them. We’re lucky, we have wonderful neighbours, who we also think of as friends too. Is it possible that your neighbour has thought this? even if he has though, being in your home when you aren’t there, without clearing it with you first, is still, I think, just creepy. I do think that @ZEPHYRA is right honey about changing your locks.
hugs xx

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Pull out my Remington and finalize our dispute the legal way!

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Immediately discontinue all contact and conversation with him, and certainly don’t let him walk your dog any more!

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We were at a large overnight geocaching party in a rural area in the Southern Tier when one of the attendees (pregnant ) asked if she could use the bathroom. The host said “Sure, help yourself. The house is about ¼ mile down the dirt road on the right. It’s open. Nobody’s home so just go on in.” She and her husband followed instructions, found the house, walked right in and saw an elderly man sitting at the table reading a newspaper. She said her name and that she was friends with the host and just needed to use the bathroom, “Where is it?” He pointed the way. She did her business, said “thank you” and left. When she returned, she thanked the host and asked who the old man was. ‘There’s no old man.” he replied.
She had gone to the wrong house! The old guy is the neighbor about 1/8 mile away!
Apparently he does not freak out when a stranger walks in.

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It depends. Is she naked?

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@worriedguy O, that’s GREAT!!!! It’s so great that the old guy didn’t freak out! That’s hilarious!

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