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When you wake up on a morning, do you get up in stages or jump out of bed as soon as your eyes are open?

Asked by ucme (50037points) December 12th, 2010

A deep sleep lasting the night through & you’re woken by the intrusive yet inevitable early morning alarm. Do you hit snooze & have a little extra nap time? Maybe a rigorous & exaggerated stretch together with some cuddling into your partner buys you some prolonged rest. Or, are you up & at em ready to face the world immediately on being woken from your slumber?

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If I’ve got to be to work then I get up right away and push push push until I hit the road. Only when I work later in the morning do I let myself schlep about in bed and enjoy the absolute wonder of snuggling. Ahhhh.

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This is how I handle most mornings,and some afternoons…if I ‘m not all worn out from handling the mornings that way ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille Wake up with two men in your kitchen often do we then? ;¬}

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I need a few minutes (or more) to come round. I usually listen to the radio for a bit before actually getting up (especially these cold winter mornings) @lucillelucillelucille If I lived with Debbie Reynolds I would have to shoot her.

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As soon as I awake I put on a happy face, give the dogs a cuddle and get out of bed within one minute. I suppose I am fortunate in that I don’t need an alarm clock, I wake naturally at more or less the same time each morning.

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@ucme Now you know where your postman went.The other guy is just the poolboy ” Mr.Happy Feet”

@flutherother What about Gene Kelly? or Mr Happy Feet??

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Depends on what woke me up. If it’s 6:00 on a school morning, I’ll take my time. If it’s my alarm at 3:00 before I have to do something for school that I forgot the night before or for having to leave early to travel, I find myself out the door upside-down on fire before I realize that I’m awake.

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s l o w l y !

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Right outta bed, if I don’t get right up somethings wrong

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s l o w l y !

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I’ve never been a sound sleeper. When I wake up my back is usally stiff and sore so I have to be kind of slow when getting up or else I’ll probably strain something. Also, must be careful not to bump the cat off the bed. Once I get up and turn the lights on or open the curtains to the day light and have a cup of coffee I’m good to go. Oddly enough, even though I don’t sleep well at night, I usually don’t get sleepy during the afternoon and I’m not a nap person at all. Once I’m up, I’m up.

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I close my eyes, roll over, and go back to sleep…

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I am naturally a morning person, so once I am awake, I get up usually.

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It takes me ages to wake up. Sometimes I set my alarm for literally hours before I need to be up and I still wind up being late. I’m not grouchy if I’m woken up, though. Just silent.

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On weekdays I always hit snooze a coupla times. On weekends, me getting out bed is much akin to a slug.

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I just get up. Not that I never hit snooze, but for the most part when I’m up, I’m up. I just get right out of bed.

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I fall out of bed before my eyes are open. I hope you don’t need more detail than that.

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No snooze. I get right up, pee, then make some coffee.

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The alarm clock hasn’t been set in over a year, and I’m generally up by 5:30am. For me, there is nothing better than waking up and getting the day started before the sun makes an appearance.

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I get right up as soon as the bathroom calls me, which is usually between 5 and 6 a.m.

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With stoic discipline in the week.
With stoic indiscipline at the weekend.

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I take an extremely long time to wake up. My dad comes and wakes me up around 6, then I go back to sleep. About 10 minutes later he comes and wakes me up again, and tries to talk to me to get me to wake up, which promptly earns him a “shut up” and some more amounts of yelling and/or pushing to get him to leave. He then reminds me not to go to sleep again, which I agree to. Then I go to sleep for about 20–30 more minutes until I finally decide to get up. By that time it’s 6:40 or 6:50 and I have about 10–20 minutes to get ready for school.

Hey, I never said it was efficient!

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My alarm goes off at 5am, but I am usually already awake. I listen to 5 minutes of the network news, and get up.

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I’m one of those get up immediately. My husband drives me nuts every morning because he hit the snooze every 15 minutes for an hour and often I have to reach over an wake him up before he finally gets out of bed.

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I hardly ever even hear my alarm, which goes off at 6:45. I usually end up getting woken up by my mom or sister at 8 or so. I’m usually not upstairs until 8:30. One of the many joys of being home schooled. :D Unless something important is happening that I need to get going for, I’m in a really bad daze until 9 or 9:30.

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Dag nabbits, if I am alone I have to have the prealarm alarm, then the real alarm with many snooze periods. If I am not alone my fiancee finds ways to wake me up, but then I feel like going back to sleep after she is fiunished waking me up.

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Once I wake up, I have to lie on my belly for a while. I usually fall back asleep in this position. I think my back likes the stretch.

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I never hit snooze. As soon as I hear the alarm, I switch it off get out of bed straight away.

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It takes me hours to get out of bed. I don’t set an alarm unless I have to work. If I don’t have to work, I lie in bed after waking, maybe reading, mostly just thinking. When I work, however, I wake up with the alarm and then hit snooze maybe twice before dragging my half-revived corpse out of bed.

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