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I love it when my alarm clock goes off while I'm sleeping, and the sound/ song goes along in my dream. Has that ever happened to you?

Asked by tamkli3 (275points) February 15th, 2010

This morning I had set my alarm clock to go off at 7:30 AM, and when it went off with a song from my iPod, the song had integrated in my dream. So much for getting up early to do some assignments. Has that ever happened to you? If so, how did you’re dream go along with your alarm?

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LOL, most of the time someone is talking to me in a dream and my “mrr mrr mrr” my alarm makes them sound really funny or else I’ll dream that someone with a back up beeper is trying to run me over.

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I like it but it usually brings about panic when I realize what happened!

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Yes! It’s so funny. One time, a Britney Spears song was worked into my nightmare about monsters. Makes sense to me.

I had to switch to a regular alarm tone so that I’d get up. It’s unfortunate, though – some of those wacky dream soundtracks were a lot of fun.

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Unless it’s classical I’ll definitely dispose that noisy alarm. It’ll only disturb my sweet dream.

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Depending on the music, it tends to affect what you’re dreaming of. One time, I thought I was listening to Jay-Z tell his life story to me, imagining him right there in my dreams haha.

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Yes!Thankfully EEEE! EEEEE! EEEEE! goes with most of my dreams ;)

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Yes. My brother was playing Starcraft on his laptop beside me with the volume cranked up full. Through out my dream I kept hearing “You forces are under attack” and machine gun sounds.

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If I recall it happened to me once with an extremely cheery alarm-clock tune. I did not enjoy it much XD.

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This has happened to me lots of times – it’s great :-)

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This has happened to me lots of times – it’s great :-)

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Yep….hearing about 8 inches of fresh snow and school closings dovetailed nicely with my dream of drinking a cold glass of wheat beer while getting a hummer in a hammock on a SC Island beach.

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Sounds like fun. Sadly, I’m the sort that wakes up about a minute before the alarm and lays there, wanting to go back to sleep but knowing that there’s neither point nor ability. This is made worse by the onslaught of sleepiness that hits when the alarm does go off.

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@Nullo… that must really suck… I would be extremely disappointed if that happened to me… Waking up a minute before your alarm goes off, does that happen often?

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Often enough to be irritating. It’s often preceded by a night of tossing and turning and staring at the ceiling for an hour. I can usually cope by staying up really late, but if I spend that time on a really engaging story, it’s even odds that I still won’t be able to sleep. I usually compensate with naps later in the day.
As you might imagine, I can be grumpy in the mornings. Especially if I was expecting to be able to sleep in.

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@Nullo… i know exactly what you mean… it happens to me a lot, and at that point i say, ‘well… f it’ so i just pull a random all nighter for no other reason other than that i can’t sleep

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Yes I’ve had that lots of times…!
And something similar I haven’t had before a couple of weeks ago, was that I fell asleep with my iPod in, and normally, I don’t remember hearing it. But in my dream I was trying to pull the headphones out of my ears but every time they would just end up straight back there again, until I woke up and realised I needed to try awake… =/

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@fathippo… hah, that might do the trick… But I actually ended up doing that this morning to a song, and realized that i was singing it when i was asleep because my roomate texted me to ask if i was awake because i had been singing to the song… ^_^

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@tamkli3 Hahaha. X) I sincerely hope I don’t subconsciously unleash by singing voice. That would be bad.

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@fathippo…. like how bad? nails on chalkboard bad, or daughtry live bad? lol

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@tamkli3 Haha. I’m not sure it can be described, =P just very bad.

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It used to happen to me a long time ago. I HATED it. I hate being startled awake, no matter how it’s done. For years now, I’ve been able to wake up without an alarm.

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I love the sound of an alarm clock when it half wakes me up and I realize it’s Saturday and I can snooze.

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