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What are some good restaurants in Monterey, CA?

Asked by Bushjsuz (18points) December 14th, 2010 from iPhone
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The Sardine Factory

Monterey Fish House
2114 Del Monte Boulevard, Monterey, CA 93940–3712 (831) 373–4647 ‎

Montrio Bistro

and if you like Greek food:


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Expensive but amazing is Casanova just up the street in Carmel

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I second the Sardine Factory. I went there on my honeymoon, and was very, very well dressed when we went in. They seated us next to a movie star (it was either Tippi Hedrin or Eva Marie Saint). All during dinner, she talked to her companion about working with Hitchcock. Wish I had a tape recorder.

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I don’t know if this will help, but I can recommend a really nice restaurant in Big Sur called Nepenthe. It’s only about 45 minutes away from Monterey and has a killer view of the ocean as well as great food.

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