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Does one really need to convince anyone they are good if they really are that good?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) December 14th, 2010

If you are really that good do you have to convince anyone you are? If you believe you are the best skateboarder in the park, the best poker player in the country to the best photographer in class if you were wouldn’t people know it? If you had to convince them you were the best doesn’t that logically prove you are less than the best, or that your claim is unproven? If you won awards or was recognized by your peers the proof would more than not manifest itself in tangible form.

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Yes, some people need a good shake in order to open their eyes/mind.

Lets take for instance an amateur boxer.. He and his fans and manager know he is the greatest on earth, but getting to prove that point may be impossible. The politics wont allow the challenge, the finances wont allow it, the religion wont allow it etc etc.

I believe some of the most skilled people in the world are just sitting back because they don’t like the game.

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I’m 33 years old. I have never heard someone claim they are the best.

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@world_hello Im the best!
(at something? yep the laws of probability back me up)

There you go, you wont make it to 34 without meeting someone claiming to be the best. Everyday changes.

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There is a Japanese expression that translates to: “The eagle does not need to show its talons.” It applies nicely here.

Looking at it from the other direction the are people who are the best, or the brightest, or the ___ (fill in the blank), but do not recognize it. It doesn’t hurt anyone to tell them and let them know.

@Odysseus is the best at telling 33 year olds who never heard someone say they were the best that he is the best at something.

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Everyone recognizes talent. A person doesn’t have to tell everyone they are good… it’s known. Oh, btw, “i’m the best in the whole world!” I’m really Tiger Woods in disguise.

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fuk it. crafting a spellcheck responce

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I don’t think you need to prove your worth at anything. Just knowing it should be enough.

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@Odysseus He and his fans and manager know he is the greatest on earth, but getting to prove that point may be impossible. If this boxer was actively boxing, anywhere and whomever he could he would get noticed if he was winning; especially by KO. People will start to wonder how good he is, they will know he is good because of he was no good he logically would not be winning. That in turn might get him better fights because some of those who feel they are better might want to have a good fight against an opponent of quality so they can further their greatness. If one boxed occasionally but never really put himself out there but tries to claim “I am the best boxer in the northern end of the county” but he don’t have any ribbons or trophies from matches he won who would take him seriously? If he had the hardware all over his house of the matches and tournaments he won he would not have to say a word and people will see he is quite the boxer._*

@worriedguy “The eagle does not need to show its talons.” It applies nicely here. My thoughts exactly. Bill Gates do not have to go around convincing everyone how rich he is because it was quite evident. If you had to go around and try to convince people you had it like that be it with fancy toys or telling people how much your portfolio is worth that maybe you are not as great as you imagine because unless you convince people they would not have believed it just on GP.

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