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Who has Fluther clothing?

Asked by Supergirl (1696points) February 21st, 2008

I have a t-shirt, how popular is the clothing out there? Have you gotten any comments when wearing it out?

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I bought 5 t-shirts and they are all too small.

I don’t really know I bought five, I was kind of excited I guess.

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@skfinkel: what size did you get? are they more than a size smaller than they should be?

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They are small. I am usually a medium women’s and I ordered a medium men’s—it fits well.

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I got a tshirt & I love it! I haven’t gotten any questions about it or anything, though.

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I ordered women’s medium, and they are small.

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I mean I do love fluther but I dont think I would ever wear a shirt with an octapus on it. Maybe for pajamas, but I really dont like internet shopping. Sorry if I offended anyone..

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@desiree, It’s a jellyfish!!

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sorry, I just saw the caption under the picture of the fluther tee, it says “Get you Jelly Shirt!”, I never really paid much attention to anything on fluther except for the actual question asking and answering part.

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I don’t have an actual Fluther shirt, but i have one with a jellyfish on the front. I’‘ve been asked if It was Fluther wear before, though.

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The Spring collection is on sale now.

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