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Epony had a great idea; "What if Fluther teamed up with Threadless to do a "Design a Fluther" shirt?" Would still love to see that happen. Anyone interested in contributing a design?

Asked by Jude (32112points) June 17th, 2010

Eponymoushipster’s question from back in the day (all the way back to Feb. 2009).

Get your question right here.

I know that we already have Dr. J with a brown background, but, what about other options/designs?

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Plain white tee…to represent moderation at it’s finest ;))

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I think the logo itself is great and am assuming that they would want to keep the branding identity consistent.

However, I have mentioned on more than one occasion that placing it on a shirt that’s a color best described as Baby-crap Brown does very little for brand identity or toward encouraging sales of the shirts.

What does brown have to do with creatures of the sea like Jellyfish ? Wouldn’t Blue or Green, or even plain white (since Dr. J is already turquoise) make much more sense in a sea context ?

It’s not even a nice shade like a dark Chocolate Brown with yummy associations (like Hersheys bars. Obviously it’s the fav. color of one of the guys, but why not give others of us more aesthetically pleasing options ?

There are several sites which offer an on-demand type of ordering so it’s not necessary to stock up on a bunch of different colors (which could get expensive) and setting up an ordering system would be easy.

That would at least be a start. Then if they wanted to consider other logo options, that could be included also.

But if they just put different logos on that horrendous background, they’ll still be suffering in sales. I’ll never spend good money on ANY article of clothing I’d never be caught dead in.

Obviously it’s someone’s favorite color, but my guess is they don’t have a lot of company there. If you took a poll on what’s your favorite color, what percent would choose brown ? Not too high would be my guess.

And especially not for Baby-crap Brown !

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What a coincidence, I just watched a video by one of the founders of Threadless about how they started the company. Seemed like a fluthery kind of guy.

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I have long wanted that collaboration to happen! I don’t have the skills to design for threadless, but I know there are many here that do.

Coincidentally, I was just talking to Andrew about redesigning the t-shirt. He says it’s a large undertaking, one they don’t really have time for right now. At the very least, I’d like to see the exact same design available on a navy blue or white t-shirt.

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And I heartily second the motion.

I can understand not redesigning the shirt while they have more than enough on their plate.

I love the logo as is. I think it’s cute. But how much effort could it possibly be to offer other shirt colors ?

Zero effort required. Just to authorize it, that’s all. How much time would that take ? My guess would be less than 5 mins.

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@augustlan – How about a contest? There must be a ton of design-oriented people here. Would organizing a contest take up a lot of time?

And I’d like something in orange, please, an orange girly tee. I like orange. Thank you.

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@aprilsimnel What shade of orange? I find vermillion very pretty.

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A pumpkin-y sort of orange is my fave.

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Aw, I miss Epony.

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I vote for the logo itself, or something based on the banner with the dark orange and the multiple jellies.

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A while ago I decided I would make my own Fluther shirt that was more my style, and this is what I came up with.

EDIT: Of course the design could be made into a men’s version

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Do you mean a real actual shirt that you wear ? Or a photoshopped “virtual” shirt ?

Where did you get the logo and how did you actually get it onto the shirt (since the logo is pastel colored and the shirt is so dark) ? ?

Are you taking orders :)

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I designed it on a website, so yes the shirt can actually be ordered. I actually just google’d the logo one night, and it worked well. They are able to put it on there through regular shirt processes? who knows how they do it?

Anywho, I hadn’t actually thought about orders, I would feel bad about that without Bendrewim’s permission(s)!

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I’ll take one with Zen on the back. Nice job.


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I like @IBERnineD s design, especially a very dark blue or concert-tour black.It would be hard to fit my screen name on the back, though.

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In a Strange Land

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I’m glad everyone likes it!

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What was the website? Could you throw us a link, pretty please with a cherry on top?

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Psst. I am investigating the possibility of different shirts. Shhh.

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Glad to know all that complaining about Baby-crap Brown seems to be having a salutary effect :). It will be so cool to be able to proudly wear the Fluther logo.

Please make sure they have a larger sized option with a full cut. Not everyone is anorexic enough to qualify for the current hour glass style cut. Whilst attractive for those who desire it, it leaves ample ladies out of the loop.

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@Buttonstc the issue is that I made it on a site that isn’t like cafepress or zazzle so the design is private and you would have to sign in as me to purchase it.

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