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Would you ever date your friend's/boss' daughter/son?

Asked by chelle21689 (7008points) December 16th, 2010

I know a guy that is sort of friend’s with his boss. Sometimes they go out with the guys and have a drink. The boss is about 10 years older than him but he’s really cool and they get along. He stayed the night at his boss’ house and met his daughter that’s about his age and is hot.

He wants to know if it’d be wrong to go after her? In my opinion it’s not a good idea because 1. friend’s daughter 2. boss’ daughter

haha. She’s only 2 years younger than him. She’s 19, he’s 21. Boss is in 30’s

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bad idea

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Depends how much he values his job.

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Bad idea. Too many problems could arise from a situation like this.

PS: The guy’s daughter is 19 and he’s in his 30s?

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In your example, very bad idea.

Would I personally, in my life? I would only if my boss had purposefully introduced me to one of their kids with us dating in mind.

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The boss is like 34–36. The guy is like 21

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@chelle21689 The boss was getting some at a young age. lol. How does he view his daughter?

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It’s trouble waiting to happen. Even if the boss is cool with the fellow dating his daughter, the fact is, 90 something percent of relationships fail. Nothing makes things more awkward than having to be around an ex or an ex’s family. It can be awkward for everyone. Not to mention, that’s a big career risk. Most places can find some bs excuse to fire just about anyone. A breakup could be a reason to find one of those reasons.

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Boss was a pretty young daddy, I guess. Not that that has any bearing on anything – I think it’s a bad idea regardless, especially since he’s both a friend and employer. It’d be bad enough to mess up a friendship or a work relationship, worse to mess up both in one shot.

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I would think about asking the boss/friend if he thought it was OK before asking her out.

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It’s not that it’s wrong (or illegal) per se, it’s just that it’s a really bad idea because of the possible consquences. The boss could treat your friend better or worse due to the fact that his employee (your friend) is dating his daughter. This may be done un-intentionally on the part of the boss. The other employees will think there is some type of favortism going on if the boss treats your friend better than them. The familial thing crosses all sorts of Human Resource boundaries, especially the ones that have to do with sexual harrassment and having a boss who is a direct relative (or a virtual one).

And if your friend ever breaks up with (or is broken up with by her) your friend will be in a living hell. Daddy will be mad! Daughter will be mad! He could be made redundant. In the state of California, which is an at will firing state, he could be fired without any reason ever being given. Talk your friend out of it. There are plenty of hot women he could date without putting his job in jeopardy.

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BAD IDEA! If things turn sour in the relationship, like it or not, it will affect the friendship/work negatively.

There is also the internal strife where the father knows the guy and feels he is not good enough for his daughter.

Look, he’s 21, there are lots of other fish in the sea. Don’t fish off the company dock.

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I wouldn’t do it.

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No way! In fact, I’ll call her ma’am.

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It’s only a good idea if he really hates his job and wants to be forced to get a new one without a recommendation.

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A few years ago, my step-daughter expressed an interest in dating a friend of mine.
I had no problem with it. They didn’t date, but there was talk of it.

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To many other fish in the sea! Bad idea.

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I have always considered it wise to keep my social life and my work life from overlapping more than a little. I would attend a departmental BBQ or party, but I never looked for partners from among my colleagues or their families. Life is complicated enough!

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Sure, but I like my boss.

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If he genuinely cares about the girl and it’s not just that he finds her “hot”, which of course would end up being stupid, but if he LIKES her, I say ask the man. Life is short. I get frustrated by all the “rules” of who you can and cannot ask out. This has effected MY personal life greatly, so….ya

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