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Why do birds fly?

Asked by brandontyrrell12 (1points) April 7th, 2008 from iPhone
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Why is the sky blue?

Try asking “how”, and your question will be a smidgen closer to Fluther-quality.

Even then you will get sent to Wikipedia.

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Birds most likely initially developed flight as a way to escape predators (i.e. flying fish, gliding lizards, etc). Eventually they would find it evolutionarily advantageous for genetic dispersal, finding mates, and finding food and water.

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If you could fly, wouldn’t you? I know I would! :-)

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To avoid crashing when stepping out of the nest for the first time.

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Because their feet are so small and their legs are so short that it would take them forever to get anywhere otherwise.

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Because they have wings, duh!

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haha ya I agree with sumul… BECAUSE THEY CAN :)

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Because they can’t ride a skateboard! So, they have to settle for second best!

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to escape chuck norris…

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Don’t know why they fly, but I do know why they suddenly appear every time you are near.

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Because they don’t have to get to the airport hours early to wait in line, then get told all the stuff they cant bring or do and finally pay way too much for airfare because of the rising fuel cost.

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My question is this! If the collective is what it is suppose to be then why even answer this question? Even though the person answering this question is asking. ( common sense) As a new memeber who is learning the way of the collective.

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To get away from us, of course.

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so they can shit all over my car.

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