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How do I get rid of a cough- fast?

Asked by goldilocks (273points) April 7th, 2008 from iPhone

It needs to be gone by Friday! I have a play I am in all weekend and I sing a couple solos! I really don’t want to drop out so PLEASE PLEASE help me!

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cough drops? maybe repeatedly. =]

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Don’t talk for one. I’d say cough medicine.
Cough drops always help me best.

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Coughs usually linger. I recently had a cough and it took about 3 weeks to completely go away. Cough drops will soothe your throat, but a cough medicine with codine with help with the coughing. Drink a lot of water to clear the mucus.

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Ask the doctor for a cough syrup with codine in it and I promise you will not cough.

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thanks all u guys!

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@ goldilocks; re cough syrup w. codine; you may well stop coughing but I don’t think your singing or stage presence will be dynamic. Of course, you won’t notice.

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If you do get well before your performance and you sing there is a chance you may get Laryngitis. You may not be 100% well by then, so performing will irritate your throat more.

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drink lots of water. take your vitamins.

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