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Are there any statistics on how much snot the average human consumes in their life?

Asked by ibstubro (18714points) July 27th, 2014

I’ve been ‘snuffily’ for weeks now.

When the S/O had a head cold and wasn’t hungry, I thought “Of course not, your stomach is bound to be full of mucus!”

Does snot have a nutritional value? Spit or swallow???

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Great question. If you spit than you need to drink water to replace water lost from mucus.

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How would you even measure that? And why?

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I’m going to get on that for you, @ibstubro. I will weigh myself, then blow, honk, and spit. Then, I will weigh myself again. I will calculate the difference, checking every two hours. That should give me an estimate on the sleep drainage/swallow volume. I’ll get back to you on it when I have some solid figures.

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Humans actually swallow most of their snot. You notice it more when you have a cold but that snot is always flowing.

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“Call it snot, call it mucus, call it a booger—but don’t underestimate what it does for you.”
Nice article, @Jonesn4burgers.

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Mmmm…great way to wake up, with snot in my cup. LOL
I’m more interested in how much snot one actually produces in their lifetime.
I’m the queen of sinus issues and allergies, I bet we’re talkin’ gallons and gallons over a life time.
Okay…back to my coffee and will pretend I never read this now.

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1–1.5 liters a day, @Coloma, we’re talking gallons a month, production. Consumption is harder to estimate. I don’t recall ever waking up just so I could blow my nose, so I guess you have to figure we swallow ½, minimum.

I didn’t see any mention as to nutritional value on webMD.

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This question is making me horny.

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^^^ It’s making me nauseous! Gak!

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@ibstubro, it did mention protein. Read down far enough, if you dare. It discusses the health bebefits quite a bit, includeing that it contains quite a bit of protein.
Imagine if it had other uses, as fertilizer, or fuel, or something, the saving and STORAGE.
You may not realize, but this was the first time ever I posted a link on a thread! I got some help last night in the chat room. I can’t mention names, because they were too grossed out to reply to this Q, but finally I can. I’ll be a link monster from now on! no more being the missing link

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Congrats on getting the link thing down, @Jonesn4burgers. I didn’t realize you didn’t know how. I like being able to post images in chat!

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Gaseous, @Coloma? Perhaps you’re salivating excessively over snot?
Oh, wait, you said nauseous!

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^^^ This is snot funny anymore. May the snot of a thousand camels splatter upon your head. haha

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~I wonder if a bird would know not to eat boogers flicked into the grass.

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