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Do you think you can pick out your horoscope?

Asked by crisw (14116points) December 18th, 2010

There have been several question here lately about the validity of astrology, with people sometimes claiming it’s valid because a reading or a horoscope suits them so well.

Let’s do a little experiment.

Here are 12 horoscopes from * a horoscope website for Saturday, 18 December 2010. They are presented in a random order. Read over them all. Which one is yours? How sure are you of this? And what’s your sign (or your birthdate, if you do not know)?

1. Watch out—an independent streak seems to be surfacing at this time. Others will admire your unique and rather unusual way of understanding. Your sense of humor simply shines at this time, and added to your rather eccentric behavior, should set you apart from the crowd. You should find the benefit of new insights or breakthroughs in your living situation or life conditions. If you are performing in a comedy club, you have probably discovered a completely new set of ideas. Keeping people guessing is part of your allure. People love to be entertained by you. A change of scenery this afternoon is just what you need to lighten your spirit. Get away for the afternoon to some place exciting. An amusement park, perhaps with a loved one, could be just the place.

2.If, for any reason, you have been procrastinating about having a conversation with an authority figure concerning anything that needs changing in your city, now is the time. You could communicate the details of some legal matter that will make the law clear in your area of the state. Perhaps this matter involves a leash law or identification tags for your feline friends. This is a period when you can put your practical insights into words and convey them to others. A little cleaning and putting things away can be a problem with all the decorations lying around; however, you soon have everything looking tip-top shape. You aim to have a place for everything and everything in its place. Step outside to see the beautiful sunset!

3. Self-expression is accomplished through helping others and you will be happy to help someone out if they ask. The challenges that come up today will be more beneficial for you than you think; keep a positive frame of mind. You may be placed in a working situation today where you will be with a group of people in a small place; patience. Plan to do a little exercise later this afternoon, even if it is only to walk the dog. This will create a picture for you to think about if a situation today gets a bit stuffy. You will be very much in tune with your own feelings and the feelings of others. Being patient, creative and understanding is your ticket to a most positive end result. A lover or child is generous or inspiring this evening.

4. When some kind of recognition or extra support comes along it is always nice, but to get that extra boost that you find coming your way today, makes life extra special. You may have the feeling that you are very much in touch and in harmony with those around you; the lines of communication are wide open. All of the support that you need will be there for you today. Your taste in art and a curiosity in how things work in general are heightened. Maybe this is the perfect time to pick out furnishings, colors and so forth—the more elegant things in life. Your sense of value is good. This evening is a wonderful time to be around friends and associates and to work together in some sort of effort to make life better- perhaps a charity.

5. Taking the novel approach and trying out new ideas and breakthroughs in thinking could be what keeps you busy right now. You just simply feel like trying out something new and unusual. Perhaps your life may feel too complacent, or you could be getting bored with the status quo. Adding a little variety to life is what gives it spice and adds interest. You may want to travel a less-traveled path. Perhaps you can write a story about what it would be like. Growth comes from allowing yourself to make changes, allowing yourself to see things differently. Fear not what awaits you on the other side of any adventure—take it by the event and let go. This evening there is time for a bicycle ride with a friend or two.

6. A rather eccentric person may temporarily overshadow your humor today. Your unique qualities are appreciated by those around you and when the time is right, you will be acknowledged once again. The happenings this day should give you some new ways of looking at things or discoveries with respect to your living situation or life circumstances. Feel free to allow yourself to dream. Since you will not find these insightful days too often, you should not ignore the opportunity to let your imagination loose. Maybe, later this afternoon, a good book or movie will take on a more than real dimension. Keep exploring the many possibilities that life seems to present to you. You are successful and others learn from your attitude and insights.

7. You should find yourself in top condition when it comes to any kind of mental activity today. You are full of wit and sharp ideas. Having a clear idea of what the public wants and needs at this time is beneficial to you in making practical decisions with regard to group issues—especially if you find yourself working or volunteering in a group project. Expect to make some decisions that affect others. You may find yourself wading cautiously through some difficulties, blocks or a few hot spots all day long. This afternoon there is just enough time for you to kick back and relax, perhaps a hot tub, beautiful music, a little snack or a nice nap. This evening is for fun and dancing and to enjoy the company of a loved one who understands you.

8. You may find a move or some other change in the planning stage at this time. Anticipation and preparation is the type of energy for much of today. Chatting with friends, you may come up with an idea for a new invention or some new experiment you want to try. This could be anything such as carpentry, fishing or designing of clothes styles. You will ponder many questions by analysis and deep or penetrating thought. Someone close to you may come to you for your psychological perceptiveness and comprehension. Putting yourself in a position to gather and share information is always important to you. You understand hypothetical ideas and know how to present them to those around you. Network if possible.

9. This morning is a great time for exercise and especially with a friend, perhaps an early morning run. A good breakfast begins your busy day. Congratulations on the physical improvements—hard work pays. A hot shower, massage or a little caffeine and you are off to join your friends. Whether you are away from home or at home just now, there are some fun things to enjoy. You will want to seek exciting and stimulating contact with people today. This may mean you visit a tourist interest or go on a shopping expedition. Your intuition is more active at this time. A new project of yours has a special creative vent and proves quite successful. Laughter and a sense of togetherness with special people make for a great weekend.

10. You may find yourself working extra hard today to get things and people organized—there is a feeling of change. You may have been asked to guide someone in his or her research for a better job. Wait until you are asked before you start changing a resume. Although their resume probably needs changing, it still gives a true indication of just where they are emotionally, as well as educationally. There is a great deal of understanding between good friends and you can be assured of a special time with someone you love before the day has ended. Great feelings and knowing how much you are loved makes this a very happy time. Sit quietly with a loved one and let them have their say—they may ask for your guidance and advice.

11. You may be feeling very good about yourself just now and appreciating your own better qualities. You may see value in or feel love for an older person or someone in authority. You seem to appreciate feelings and movement in general, and could possibly find yourself looking for a little romance, or at least enjoying some emotional release. You may just want to get active and walk or exercise. It?s just a wonderful time to be in the company of others and to work together. A particular job may be just right for someone with your credentials. You may want to consider your path to this new job, beginning with a couple of paragraphs to the manager of that department about how you think you could be an asset. Your ideas are on target!

12. Your warmth and affection attracts many people to you. It is easy for you to make a good impression. Today, however, when meeting new people, you should avoid behaving in any way but natural. You will want be sure that you do not mislead a person—it could bring problems later. In existing relationships your natural affection could be put to good use to undo tensions with friends and loved ones. You may find yourself entertaining company. It would not be a bad idea to find tours in your area that would be of interest to the type of creative things your guests might appreciate. Perhaps a planetarium, IMAX Theater, museums, a tour through a candy company, etc., would be a fun and different ways to remember their visit.

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None of those. It is saturday, nothing happened today and I did not do anything.
Going to the site to look at my own revealed that it could not have been more off the mark.
I guess horoscopes do not apply to almighty deities from outer space.

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Unfortunately, you put a link to the horoscope site and so people can go and find which one matches their sign and give the correct answer. So your experiment is invalid.

If you hadn’t done that, this Q would have been a good way to debunk this horoscope nonsense.

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Every single one of those horoscopes applies to me in a uselessly general way, and everyone else, to a large degree. Many of those horoscopes are exactly the same, but with slightly different words.

I do not understand why adults read horoscopes.

It’s mindless entertainment, the kind of thing more appropriate for teenage girls.

Even if astrology were a real science, it still wouldn’t make the newspaper horoscopes any more accurate.

If 100 people answer this Question, the odds are that about 8 of them will accurately pick their own sign’s horoscope.

I’ve always wondered why adults skip important stuff in the newspaper and then waste time on their horoscope.

I pick #1.

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First of all I really did try to take a legit guess.. but there was nothing even close, so then I went to the site and mine is not on here for today. Either way, I do not think that my horoscope suits me well it’s usually off. However I do believe that the time of year I was born impacts who I am. I am a Scorpio and I know a lot of other Scorpios who are all the same as me personality wise… and when I look at other people from different sun signs they do not share the same characteristics.

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Who knows, but I resonate with #1

Capricorn here.
Loyal, honest to a fault, tenacious, strong willed, and sure footed! ;-)

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It’s AMAZING! Everyone of the horoscoptes got something about me that was completely, 100% correct. And each one of them also got some things that were 100% not like me at all. What are the odds?

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“Unfortunately, you put a link to the horoscope site ”

Ugh, didn’t think of that! I will ask a mod to remove the link. So until then, don’t cheat, OK people? :>)

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I’m number 1 – Aquarius! lol
I also thought that a twist on this experiment (to prove it’s all bs) is to ask the same q but use the same sign horoscopes for the past 12 months…just like pick capricorn and just put all capricorn horoscopes for the past 12 months and then have people pick signs when there are no signs to pick.

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@Kardamom – I would say the odds of that are….100%

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@ragingloli – If you’re from outer space, then your horoscope would be based on a different set of stars and planets than humans use :-p

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I was completely wrong when checking mine. I am #4

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

Hey! I went to the link – I guessed right!

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I refuse to even participate because horoscopes have already been proven to be total BS several times, including in a famous tv episode of James Randi’s old show where he debunked many psychics, homeopaths, and other such people who came on looking to win a million dollars in exchange for proof of their supernatural abilities.


Here is the link in case you are interested:


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@lilalila That’s the point of her question.

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I am an Aries. We Aries don’t believe in Astrology.

I look forward to the day when everyone born under one sign all die in elevator accidents.

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@Rarebear I know! But look at the date of the James Randi stuff. It’s weird how people still have to have astrology disproved to them, because it’s just… I dunno. Convenient? Nice to listen to? Flattering?

Don’t worry though, I don’t disagree with this being posted or anything. I am just a raging skeptic and I hate that these experiments must be continually done, and even then the true believers are still unconvinced.

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We did this in my philosophy class (during our “pseudoscience” unit, very interesting) and I found that about 3 of them fit me most accurately, none of which were my own, though almost all of them had something that could’ve fit with my life. Additionally, we also tried it with the ones that only describe traits. Again, almost all of them described something about me, but the ones that were most accurate were not my own.

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This experiment has been run a number of times in controlled settings and has always found (surprise!) that astrology was no more accurate than coin-flipping or random guessing. M&Ms however, are dead accurate when it comes to divining.

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I have no faith in astrology but I’m curious. #3 fits my day just about 100%.The others were nowhere near. For the record I’m a Scorpio.

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@lilalila James Randi is now 82 years old and still going strong. His Educational Foundation still has not had to pay out one cent of the Million Dollars they offer to any professional in the field who can prove their claims.

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@YARNLADY That’s darn right!!! GOD I love that man.

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@lilalila Fair enough. Cris and I are also skeptics, I’m a member of JREF, and I’ve met Randi. Cris asked the question because there have been a flurry of astrology related questions, and she was just making a point.

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@Rarebear Sweeeeet! I appreciate all you have said.

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I think I’m number 15.

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