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Why do some barbies have white printed panties?

Asked by peteylove (232points) December 18th, 2010

I was looking through some dolls i’m giving my little sister and some of them have white panties with B’s made onto their bodies. Does anyone know why

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It’s simply the design of the Barbie doll. Of course, the “B” is for Barbie. It’s just panties on the doll.

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Because the Barbie’s amorphous, skin-colored, non-genital area is more disturbing to look at.

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You mean that the doll is made with these panties printed on, or they’re a removable piece of clothing?
Ken dolls, when I was little, were made with tighty-whities molded onto their crotch areas, but they weren’t painted/printed – they were the same colour as his skin.

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The premium Barbies come with the white printed panties, ie: the Happy Holiday ones etc. the more expensive ones…$30 and up usually.

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I sense that another answer to this question could be found in this NSFW question.

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