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Do you find that you get less done when you have a big chunk of free time to do it in, than when you have a deadline in which to get it done?

Asked by Dutchess_III (38135points) December 20th, 2010

In the mornings, before work, I get all the dishes in the dishwasher, sweep the floors if it’s needed, wipe the counters, and clean the counters and faucets in the bathroom. Takes 15 minutes. Today, however, I start two weeks of vacation. I’ve been up for two hours, and I’ve put one can in the trash compactor. That’s it for cleaning so far!
When I have too much time I just don’t get stuff done! Is it just me? Or…is it Fluther’s fault!
I can’t leave…what if Flutherclause shows up and I miss him??

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Yes! It is the story of my life.

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Yup, for sure.

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Damn it! I walked away to start cleaning! Then I came in here to grab my phone…and there you guys are!! Well, when I sat down I saw a toy next to me on the table and I tossed it in the general direction of the toybox. Does that count?
OK! I’m goin’ in!!

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if you have more time to do it then you arent rushed and youdont realise how much time has passed but when you have a dead line you get right to it:]

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I know the logic! But…it’s redonkerous!

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Absolutely. I’m there at the moment. On holidays for two weeks – have lots to do, but I’ve been floating around the house all day.

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Before I came across fluther I would have said no, it doesn’t make much difference.

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@crappy I AM!! I just emptied the trash can that sits under the table here. Now all I have to do is get it to the kitchen…wait! I just thought of someone I have to go find on Facebook if I can.

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@Dutchess_III Screw the cleaning. It’s Christmas Week. All noncleaners get general amnesty.

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Lucky your almost done i have to clean and vacume the game room and i have to clean my room to dutchess

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We tend to do whatever is the highest priority in our lives at the time. When there’s a lot of time before a deadline, then it’s easy to do something else, because that something else is the highest priority. But as we get closer to the deadline, that project increases its importance until finally we can not put it off any longer and expect to get it done. That’s when we start working on that project. Even then, we might gift ourselves with fluther breaks to clear our minds before moving on to the next section of the project.

Now I suppose there are people who delay gratification and get the project out of the way and then fluther. The problem with that is that we tend to get perfectionistic when we have the time to do so, and so we never really finish the project before the deadline because we keep tinkering with it and then where is our fluther time?

Delaying gratification is a good way to build net worth more rapidly, but you have to wonder if that is worth it. Because what if you do all that work and then get killed in an auto crash? You miss out on all that fluther time, and for what?

So it makes sense to do fun stuff up until the not so fun stuff becomes important enough to take priority over the fun stuff. People call that procrastination, but I call it happiness maximization.

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@crappy Hm. Well, I see your game room and your room and I raise you a kitchen, a two bathrooms, a living room, 47 windows and 47 screens, 3 floors to mop, yards of carpet to vacuum, a deck to clean, a guest room to put back together, a set of stairs to vacuum (on hands and knees, wrestling the vacuum cleaner up and down,) closets to clean AND lots of beautiful furniture to polish.

Is Flutherclause here? Is he taking “orders” (As my 7 year old granddaughter says!) I wish to place an order for a free maid. ktxbai.

Alrighty then! I made SOME headway guys!

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wow you have lots to do DUTCHESS

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Oh yeah…and the computer room!
Yes, @crappy it’s my house. I’m responsible for all of it. And it’s never ending.

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I am glad i am not an adult yet

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Well, get over here and do your chores Crappy! Just print off the list above and get to work. :)

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can you try looking for some of my questions and answer them because i cant talk DUTCHESS

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What do you mean you can’t talk, and why are you YELLING my name?? Alright…I’ll go look at some questions, then I have to get back to work on the house! Kids. Sheesh. The sacrifices we make!

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Oh yeah. If I get a big chunk of time then I get totally greedy and self centered to make it special time which excludes any house chores or errands. I’ll put those things off in lieu of jumping in the car and having a day to run around with my guy.

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I only work well when I have a dead line that is getting close. No deadline, no work. The deadline sort of pushes me to do my work. That reminds me I have to get my sketch pad out and start working. I only have a few days left to make 10-ish pictures.

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Of course, thus the saying “If you want something done accurately and on time, assign it to someone who is busy.”

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Not really. I’m a pretty good organizer. Lately, I have to do things a little at a time, because I get tired and have to sit down.

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While organized and able to rally on the spur of the moment, I tend towards a good measure of procrastination.

Then again, it is also true that we can be our own worst enemies in the sense of ‘shoulding’ on ourselves. lol

I am pretty self aware and catch myself often, asking myself if something I feel I ‘should’ be doing is REALLY all that important, or, is it just the programming kicking in?

I think it’s an age and maturity thing too, I have become much less perfectionistic and more go with the flow the past 10 years or so.

Of course being divorced with a grown child has had an impact too.

I enjoy things to be nice and in order but the days of feeling driven have long gone, and that’s a good thing! ;-)

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@Coloma My house is a wreck!

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Mine is middle of the road but not cleaning til Thursday, why do it twice?

But..I HAVE to clean my barn and do a thorough ‘blow job’ on my deck & patio. lol

Winter is easier, not so much outside stuff to do, but, summer is a constant struggle to keep the inside and outside together at the same time.

I can see where old folks go for rock gardens. hahaha

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:) Yuh! Well…since July my house has looked like Better Home and Gardens all the time, because we’re trying to sell it. But what with all the shopping and stuff…it’s just wrecked! But….I’m getting to it a little at a time!
Ugh! Why did you have to mention the yard?! I need to rake, too….

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@Dutchess_III @Coloma Don’t sweat it. It’s a home, people live there, it’s supposed to look lived in. My dad’s feelings on a spotless house. Also, as for raking I haven’t seen the ground this month. Too much snow.

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Definitely not sweating it, literally, as I sit in my fuzzy bathrobe eating a bowl of Wheat Chex and Fluthering. lol

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Um. That reminds me. I need a bagel. Scuse me.
@Adirondackwannabe I’m not a spotless kind of person but…it’s just cluttered with wrapping paper and boxes and newspaper and stuff. I haven’t swept in a week. Time to get the stuff done.

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