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Have you ever been late to work because you've been perusing Fluther?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) December 20th, 2010

I have. I probably will today. Woops ;)

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When I worked, yes, I was late on a couple of occasions from Fluthering. One in particular that I remember following the Marriage Proposal question. I woke up to @Whatthefluther proposing to @sccrowell and so many posts that I sat there and read and cried through all of them.

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I was late for a class lol

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I don’t work outside of my home so I haven’t been late to work. I have never been late to any event/appointment/obligation from hanging out on Fluther. I’m really tightly wound about getting to where I need to be on time, so I’m not sure that it would ever happen.

However, I can see how easy it might be.

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Well I work from home and should have started my work much sooner because of Fluther. Does that count?

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I am self employed and my 2nd part time l job I work the hours of 11–5 and it is only 10 minutes from my home.

Most of my fluthering is in the early mornings and sometimes early evenings.

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I check in on Fluther from time to time at work.

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No. I can fluther at work. So there’s no need to read things before I leave the house.

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No, but I’ve slept less because of it.

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@wundayatta Right… I’ve been late for breaks because I was perusing Fluther, but never work.

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Since I work here, that would be pretty much impossible for me. However, it has made me late for other things. :D

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not late for work, but late for picking my daughter up fom somewhere oooppsss!!!!

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I’m not willing to admit that Fluthering has made me late for work but I readily concede that it has made me procrastinate on several occasions.

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Yes. When I first joined fluther then I enjoyed the chatroom folks immensely and would forget the time because I kept coming back to see what the “pings” were about :)

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No. But it has helped me avoid doing things I should be doing. Including sleep.

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No. I allow myself half an hour online before work and I’m bery careful to watch the clock. If I miss my bus I’m screwed.

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Sometimes dinner is late because of it. I burned the bacon last week because of it.

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No! I discovered Fluther after I retired.

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No…happened to me when I was supposed to be studying. I told myself that I would only go on for a few minutes and then I end up staying for the whole day…..

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No, but I’ve been late getting to Fluther because of work.

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I can fluther at work, so I’ve actually been late leaving work because of fluther.

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Not late for work because I don’t have a set start time. I have been here fluthering when I should have left though. I find it hard to leave before just checking fluther .. just few a few minutes…

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Work? No. School? Possibly. I’ve been out of school for a while now, though, so I am not sure!

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