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I cannot decide which is the best new smartphone for TMobile: NexusS, HD7 (windowsmob7), G2 or.. other?

Asked by nichwei (1points) December 21st, 2010

I’ve had the G1 for more than a year – really since it came out. I’m also not going to get any deals because of the nature of the ‘new’ contracts. I will basically have to pay full price for whatever phone i choose. I am on a family plan and would have to disrupt and restart 3 other people to switch carriers… which could be ok. Thoughts?

(BTW, congrats to the fluther team for their recent Twitter-join):)

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If it was my decision, I would choose the Nexus S. WinPho7 is too new and undeveloped at this point.

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Thanks JOE – I tend to agree. Though it would be interesting to test drive that phone for a while… I think additionally the winpho7 is probably not receiving the open-app development that android and iphone enjoy.

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I support J0E, but if you don’t mind to wait a little bit more, WinPho7 has a lot to offer, specially if you are an Xbox Gamer. But if i had to choose right now, i’d better get that Nexus :)

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G2 if you NEED keyboard, Nexus S if you will tinker with the phone, install cooked ROMs and want to get upgrades fast, otherwise MyTouch 4G. Advantage of MyTouch compared to Nexus: HSPA + (if you live in an area that is supported). I would wait on WinPhone 7 at this time…

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My son, who is obsessed with these things, would agree with @Akag9, I think. MyTouch 4G.

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I believe it’s the Nexus S. It seems wonderful.

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I had the G1 since it came out, too. I really liked having a physical keyboard and the G1 had always been good to me, so I opted for the G2. I’ve had it since late November now and I absolutely love it. Not having a row on the keyboard for numbers was a bit odd to get used to (you have to shift to hit a number because they share a key), but it’s just a learning curve and I got used to it in no time. I don’t really alter with my phones software or anything, so I can’t tell you much about that. I’ve never tethered or changed how it runs or whatever. I wouldn’t be the right person to ask about that.
If you loved your G1, you’ll probably love the G2 as well. If it’s something else that you’re looking for, then search the market a bit longer. =]

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