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Where do you spend your money?

Asked by scubydoo (751points) April 8th, 2008

I’m just sitting here looking at my finances, trying to see where I can shave a bit of money off of things I could do without. I just wondered where others seemed to spend most of their money at. Besides things like, housing, lights, phone, and gas ,where does the rest of your money go to? Looking at alot of my semi luxurious (if you want to call them that, lol) items, what I tend to spend money on seems to be electronics (pc items, games, music etc)... I’ve really got to cut back on some of the misc. stuff I purchase..

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Eating out a lot where I live can take its toll. I usually don’t realize how much I’ve spent until far later, unlike bigger purchases.

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My Bank buster is Gas, I drive 60miles each day to work.

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I’ve been really cheap lately; I’m trying to change my spending habits. So far, I’ve downgraded my cell phone plan, made my own food instead of eating out, cut down on household energy usage, canceled magazine subscriptions, canceled Netflix, bought a lot more generic brand items, and I haven’t bought any new clothes in months. Oh, and Costco for absolutely everything. It feels good to see my frugal ways pay off; my bank account looks good.

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eating out for me also has been a bit cash cow. but ive recently started fixing lunches from home to take to work so that has helped alot.. i just have also been trying to narrow down other expenses I could do without..

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@jz1220— good job! I’m cutting and pasting right now.

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I find travel to be a huge money water. Not just the cost of traveling, but the spending when you’re ‘enroute’....little snacks, overpriced coffee, things you wouldn’t buy at home….
Another one for me is online shopping, whether it’s books, music, top-up for your phone…...they’re all cheap individually, but it adds up!!

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Mine just deems to disappear. I’m not sure where it goes.

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well in Maryland cable Is provided by comcast so the rates flucatuate, other than that typical stuff and people overlook fees from like ATMs and ur banks fees for various services. Mine goes to loans and high gas

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I spend too much on eating out and on books. Everything else goes to home improvement projects.

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I recently started saving myself a bunch of money on iced coffee every morning by using a Toddy. It’s $30 at Borders, but you can use a 30% off coupon (just google borders coupons and there will be one between 20% – 30%) and get it for about $21.

Basically a pound of coffee a week makes enough coffee with this thing that my girlfriend and I drink iced coffee all week, it tastes awesome, and only costs the amount as 1 pound of coffee.

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my guilty pleasure is buying cigarettes

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well I guess I spent money on a ps3 and iPhone.

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I waste my money on purses, iTunes, shoes, and baby stuff. I know I should slow down but I have an IRA and a savings plan for my child, so I feel guilt free.

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eating out, the movies, and video games.

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Rent. I pay more in rent in one month than I pay for all other bills in two.

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Student loans. 500/month. Sucks.

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food and shoes!!!

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Get books, tapes, DVDs at public library, dry clothes on line, run washer and dish washer on off-hours (here 12:30 – 8:00AM), turn heat down and wear extra clothes, use a fan in summer instead of AC. Shop at second-hand-rose shops.

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@gail: do your electricity rates vary depending on the time? ours don’t, here.

I’m a big fan of Netflix as a money-saving method – if you watch more than 3 or 4 movies a month, it’s cheaper than Blockbuster or your local independent. I tried it out about 8 years ago to see if it would be better than paying for premium cable, and it sure as heck turned out to be.

My biggest unnecessary expenses are books and eating out. I could probably cut both significantly, but I have no real financial pressure to. Also, I’d like to convert my rent payment into my mortgage payment, which probably won’t lessen it significantly but which will mean I’m gaining equity in an investment. Here’s hoping condo prices fall in Boston in the next 6 months or so….

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@cw; Yes. I just called my electric co. Luckily I have a time on my dishwasher but now may try to remember to run washing machine after I get up at 3:00 to pee.

I watch less and less TV and rarely rent movies. And as I said, I now use the local library (which has an interlibrary loan system) for all books, etc.

How about condos in Somerville or Arlington? I know that you find crossing the Charles a fate worse than death.

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tell you what, I know what I spend all my time on…....FLUTHER!!!!!

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@gail: well, greater Boston area, then. I’m living in a condo right now rented from the owners who went off to live in Europe, and I’m hatching a plan, when the lease is up, to just say, “okay, how about $X to buy this place from you?” That could be ideal, as it would involve not moving, but it depends on what the value of $X is.

I could live anywhere along the Red Line, but south of Boston proper would make for a longer commute than I want. Or along the Green or Blue line, same constraint, different cutoff.

And books. I like the idea of the library, but I’m afraid I’m a compulsive book-buyer. As my mom says, shaking her head as she walks out of bookstores with a bag in each hand, “at least it’s not heroin.”

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@cwilbur; one day you will wake up and feel possessed by your possessions. I am now leaving stuff by the side of the road or at the town dump. I want a white, Zen-like space with very few dust collectors….just my views.

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@gailcalled: I feel that way about a lot of things, but not about books.

On the other hand, I also don’t feel the need to dust.

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I’ve been home on disability since the beginning of January, so I cut out everything possible. Right now the only two bills I have are my cell phone, and Netflix. I cancelled cable because I spend most of my time here anyway. I go out to eat twice a month just so I don’t go stir crazy, so I think of that as a necessity. I am buying a memorial tree for my best friend because her Father died on Monday. that’s about the only unecessary purchase I’ve made in quite some time.

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@scamp..nice of you to do that for your friend. thoughts and prayers go out for her loss.

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@scubydoo Thank you.

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Gas station snack foods.

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