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Is there anybody that feels like they were (or ARE) in a horrible situation, but found little ways to help pull them through it?

Asked by Moegitto (2305points) December 22nd, 2010

I’ve always felt like I’ve been tested in some way my whole entire life. I’ve been through some of the most horrendous things/acts/moments any human can go through, but I’ve never once contemplated suicide/giving up. I was wondering if there were more people like me that found little things to help them maintain sanity and if you are willing to share.

PS: NO BASHING!! I’m asking this as a vent/sharing question.

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I have. The thing that has got me through (and still does) tough times is that ‘whatever does not kill you makes you stronger’. There is nothing that life throws at you that could bring you down so low.

I’m truly glad that you have never considered suicide; that leads me to think that you have a strong mind. And I hope you never do. One of my really good friends lost a good friend of his two months ago and it has been extremely hard for him to get over.

Keep you head up and continue to be strong.

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Life comes with its cycles until perfection.

Therefore there are its highs and its low,

When in the Low rejoice for a high is on its way.

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I was involved in a nasty bit of court business regarding an accusation of bad parenting. I got thru it with counseling, Paxel, and studying the JFK assassination to get my mind off of it.

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Sometimes things get so bad that I quit trying to do damage control and just throw my hands in the air and let things do what they’re going to do. That “letting go” is theraputic to me, not to mention that things usually calm down after that – don’t ask me why.

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I had some fairly traumatic things happen in my childhood. Therapy, good friendships and a growing sense of self-esteem as a result of it have helped me to survive.

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All of life is fraught with bad things. It sounds as though you have had more than your fair share.

All we can do is endure, take the time to recollect and be thankful for the good things in our lives, and continue to put one foot in front of the other.

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The most important thing I learned is that you absolutely have to take some time for yourself, doing whatever it is that works best to de-stress you.

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@marinelife I can honestly say I’ve been at hell’s second level, but there was always something like a glimmer of hope or at least a temporary someone to help me through it. I say temporary because even the people that helped me through it end up betraying me, I literally made my psychiatrist go and get help because my problems are so deep.

@crisw the funny thing is, I always try to do things by myself so I can go and kinda have a “release” session. Going to the movies, playing games, reading (ANYTHING), someone above (filmfann) said they read about the JFK assassination, I also like to read conspiracies. Doing complex things keeps my mind locked up so I wont think about negative things.

One of my biggest flaws is wanting an answer for ANYTHING, it has to be a clear cut answer. My psychiatrist tries to mind boggle me into thinking in the “grey” area, but it’s impossible. I don’t have a girlfriend because I’m fat and ugly, and I’m O.K. with this. Seeing other fat and ugly people actually have it soo much better than me that they get caught CHEATING on their girlfriend, I don’t grasp the concept of that. It’s not a jealousy thing, because I could really care less, it’s just I wanna know. Recently in my sessions, I kinda came to a self discovery. It seems like I felt/feel betrayed by life itself, as in all I was taught as a kid (treat people the way you want to be treated, work hard and receive the higher reward, treat all people equal, that type of stuff) was/is a lie. I’ve come to a point in my life where I lost my “respect” for life, not a giving up on life thing, but more like I don’t feel any different from a random dog on the street.

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In my case, the worst things I’ve had to face have mostly been external, like the illnesses and deaths of my parents- thus the need for taking time for myself for stress relief. Internal issues are a very different issue. I hope that you’re getting some good help with those.

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Horrible situation, yes. Little way to pull through it – well, all I can say is I was lucky, as I had the full support of my family, and a darling baby who needed me. The fact is, not every one has any way other than nature to pull them through it. You will see the other side, whether you have help or not.

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horrible situation yes…how to struggle on? Be a terrible coward when it comes to physical pain and have a small dog that would starve were you not around to feed it.

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