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How do yo measue ipod capacity for spoken word?

Asked by Modern_Classic (583points) April 15th, 2007
I'm trying to help a friend decide to get an ipod for her jogging, walking, running bus riding pleasure. She listens almost exclusively to spoken word (books, etc) and she was unaware that ipods were not exclusively designed for music. Hey, it's a generation thing. Let's recap. Per gig, an ipod can store _____ minutes of music at ____; or _____ minutes of music at _____; or _____ minutes of spoken word at _____. (where _____ = recommend sampling rates). Thanks
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Well I would treat spoken word just like music. Based on my own experience 1 minute of spoken word is about 1 MB at 44.100 kHz. But that's recordings that I have done of vocabulary and stuff. I can test some stuff if you want me to, just tell me what to do.
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OK. So 1MB per minute is 1000min per Gig or about 16 hours of spoken word per gig of ipod storage. Is that right or have I shifted a zero someplace, because that number is suhweet. What are the other sampling rates for storing to ipod? I apprciate your help on this.
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Its actually a little over 17 hours per gig [1024mb= 1gb]. I'll look at other sampling rates and post back
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For 1 minute at 11.025 mHz its about .9 MB which leads to around 18 hours per gig.
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That's very interesting. I wonder why one-fourth the sampling rate proudces such a modest gain.

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