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When you pay for gift wrapping ordering on line what have you gotten?

Asked by Dog (24703points) December 23rd, 2010

I placed an order from a company on line and, knowing I would be pinched for time on these gifts, I paid an extra $4 each for the gift wrap option.

Well- I pulled them out before the company arrived and was really surprised at what I had paid for.

They had hastily wrapped each gift, not very neatly, in generic paper that had the company name over and over and over as the only decor.

One had a white patch that almost looked like a sticker was put on then pulled off removing the color off the wrap the size of a quarter.

It was not holiday wrap as I had assumed it would be but then again I had only assumed this.

There were no bows or ribbons and while this might not have bothered me the fact that the paper itself was so tacky did.

Each had a sticky with the item number and that was it. Well- two did not have stickies at all but we guessed what they were.

Is this the norm when paying for gift wrapping?
I was wondering if it was because then I would take this as a lesson learned and not complain as I am thinking I might.

Can anyone share their experiences with this?

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I’ve ordered wrapped gifts from Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, The Tattered Cover and a couple of other sites and they were always beautifully wrapped in occasion appropriate paper with cards attached with designated recipient’s names.

I would definitely complain about the quality you received and ask for a credit.

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I have only done it once and my experience was the same as yours. I ended up wrapping it myself because there was no way I was giving anyone a gift that looked so ugly – like I had put 2 seconds into slapping paper on it. Kind of says, “here’s your gift, not that I give a rip about you.”

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The only time I’ve agreed to pay for gift wrap is when they show swatches of what will be used, same for gift tags/cards. did a very nice job one year as did Harry & David.

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My son gave me two CDs pre-wrapped by Amazon in beautiful appropruiate wrapping with a bow.

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Thanks everyone! I sent in an email complaint and hopefully will get a refund. I paid $29.70 for this so I hope they refund or credit me. Their gifts are awesome so I know I will use a credit.

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And in conclusion they refunded the wrapping fees! :D

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Go, doggie go!

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Win thanks to you guys! Lurve you all!

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