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Any good books on how to prep for tests?

Asked by hairypalm (889points) April 8th, 2008

I have taken test all my life. I have been in air force for almost 6 years. I find my self having a bit of trouble testing these days. Today I applied for the border patrol and I need to brush up. Or anything else that would help me.

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Are you looking for something having to do with general standardized tests, as in helpful tips, etc.? Are there any specific study guides for your test? I’m studying for the LSAT and there are classes people can take for this. If I have any tips they would be these:
1. Get enough sleep
2. Eat food that won’t bog you down. I stopped drinking caffeine, as I can focus better without it.
3. Try to find someone else to study with, if suits you.
4. Cut down on Fluther

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hmmmm. That number 4 one is pretty hard. Hey is Fluther hiring lol? Thank you for your advice

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ok being obsessive about studying and testing here what I learned from all the books I read and personal experience. You will need to put in some time to take the test. Go to your local library first and check out a test prep book (ask the librarian for help). If they don’t have the book they can order it for you from another library. Then time yourself with the practice test the same time as the real one. Without more info like what test you planning this is all the advice we can give

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Be the master-of-self-discipline Chuck we know you can be.

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For the record….I’m not Chuck Norris…...I just train with him.

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I train with Wendigo

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I’m sorry to hear that. Let me know when you want to come and eat at the big boy table. :)

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Listen Buddy, Wendigo will eat you at the table

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1963: 15th Airforce Judo Tournament, Fairchild Airforce Base, Spokane, Washington, March 22–23, fought as Carlos Norris: Result unknown.
1963: Defeated by unknown in Salt Lake City (debut)
1965: Defeated by Tonny Tulleners
1965: Defeated by Tonny Tulleners
1966: Defeated by Allen Steen(Long Beach Tournament)
1966: Won the National Winter Karate Championships(San Jose,CA)
1966: Defeated Skipper Mullins
1966: Defeated Joe Lewis
1966: Defeated by Joe Lewis
1966: Won the All-Star Championship Tournament(Los Angeles)
1966: Defeated Skipper Mullins
1967: Won the World Karate Middleweight Title(Long Beach,CA)
1967: Defeated Skipper Mullins(?/?)
1967: Defeated Joe Lewis(?/?)
1967: Defeated Skipper Mullins(?/?)
1967: Defeated Skipper Mullins(??)
1967: Defeated Joe Lewis(?/?)
1967: Defeated Arnold Urquidez
1967: Defeated Ron Marchini
1967: Defeated Victor Moore(?/?)
1967: Defeated Steve Sanders(?/?)
1967: Won All American Karate Championships
1968: Defeated Skipper Mullins(Long Beach)
1968: Won the Internationals(Dallas, Texas)
1968: Defeated by Louis Delgado
1968: Defeated Louis Delgado(11/24)-Won World Professional Middleweight Title
1968: Draw with George Chalian, Governor’s Island, New York
1968: Won All-American Karate Championships(N.Y.)
1968: Won the National Tournament of Champions(Cleveland,Ohio)
1969: Won The Internationals
19??: Won the American Tang Soo Do Championships(Stockton,CA)
19??: Won North American Karate Championships(New York, N.Y.
1970: Defeated Opponent-Retired(1/17)
1972: Draw with Willie Adams-U.S. Teams Championship.

what’s the Wendigoberry’s record?

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