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Does Fluther have guidelines for our avatars?

Asked by BoBo1946 (15285points) December 29th, 2010

I’ve checked the guidelines and didn’t find anything. Maybe I overlooked it.

Any help? Btw, I’m not asking the question to pose nude!”

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Dude, thanks for the mental image.

* bangs head against desk *

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Oh no, I just got the same mental image!

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you guys are so funny!

well, go make me sandwich Bob if you can be any help on this question!

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People have been asked to change them so there are. I’m assuming a bit of common sense will allow you to figure them out.

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@Not_the_CIA really… what if I don’t have any commonsense? XD:))-

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Never thought there were. What?? No penguins reading books allowed?

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loll.. and naked also!

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When I first joined, they asked me to change my avatar. So there are avatar guidelines somewhere…

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@janbb Really, put some pants on.
@HungryGuy What was your avatar?

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@chyna I would but my ass is frozen to the igloo!

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Apparently, it is on a case-by-case basis.

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Lmao… oh me! That “hit my funny bone” @janbb !

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@HungryGuy loll do you know her?

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Do I even want to know what prompted this question??? No one seems to mind my nekid seedling, of course, my roots are not showing.

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We may not have any official rules, but that’s because we generally are like your old hippie aunt and uncle.. you know, chill, open-minded, and all about freedom of expression. So while your hippie aunt and uncle may not care if you get your eyebrow pierced or dye your hair pink, there’s a line of decency and appropriateness. It’s one thing to get nipple rings and another if you constantly show them off in polite company.

Basically, I’m aware of one rule, which is no frontal nudity of the no-no places. Some boob/cleavage is okay, but definitely no nipples and no front bottom, as the lovely Brits like to say.

With an eye to as much leniency as possible, everything else is up to our discretion of ‘decency’, which includes sex/nudity, but also extends to things posted in bad taste, spreading hate, or other images that go against Fluther guidelines for text contributions.

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Okay…. @MissAntrhope has been crafting a response for a looonnnnggg time.
So we are waiting and watching a raccoon hump a dog. Perhaps this is a statement?~ ;)

Oh there is the post! Yay!

I also will let the cat out of the bag that at one point it was mentioned by those in the upper ranks that if people pushed too far we might have to adopt stricter guidelines for avatars. Thankfully we have not had to do that.
~ But if people keep putting up scary shit like this we may have to reconsider. ~ :D

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@liminal I could say what prompted this question, but will leave this in my back pocket. Somethings are better not said.

Very good MsA! i like you my friend!

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I think it’s in the terms and conditions

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@YARNLADY •You agree not to post dishonest, libelous, pornographic or purposefully harmful information. You agree to use the site with the intention of helping others.

Thank you… and it would be their interpretations of pornographic! Which makes sense.

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@Dog I saw that one earlier today and it is really scary! I don’t like looking at it.

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@BoBo1946 You know that you guys can flag posts by a user and let us leer look at the avatar to see if it crosses the line right? :D

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@Dog got’cha…. thank you!

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I used to have an avatar that got banned on another website. One thing I liked about fluther was that they let me have that avatar and didn’t ban me. It seemed somewhat adult of them. I don’t know if that would still be the case. Things have tightened up some. There are a number of people who were offended by the avatar as well as a number who really liked it. Alas, it represent a me I don’t want to be right now.

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Considering @Simone mooned us all recently (and frankly, I’m jealous she has such a nice ass), I think your previous avatar would have been just fine, @wundayatta. :)

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@MissAnthrope Good point. And hers is a real ass! She’s used that one before. I used to collect avatars, but she has so many, I had to quit. Besides which, we no longer have access to the full version of the jpegs.

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Ah yes, it always warms my heart to remember that @wundayatta has folders of my pictures.

Augustlan and I have a pretty consistent conversation (it’s like I get amnesia every time, :)P) that avatars with nipples showing aren’t allowed.

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~ @wundayatta Wasn’t the rule that as long as the avatar is actually you it is okay?~
But seriously I kind of miss your assatar avatar.

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Oh yeah…...I remember that one of @Simone_De_Beauvoir. Steamy. As far as worrying about avatars I would think Fluther would have a bigger worry about the teens and tweens getting involved with [NSFW] threads. As far as I know there is no varification process that keeps them away from threads talking about the fellatio, anal sex and then some. Some racy avatar is about the least of the worries if you ask me

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@MissAnthrope Front-bottom! Love it! Thanks for sweet reminder of home!

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir It wasn’t just you, of course, but other members of your family that appear in your avatars. Kind of like a family album, over time. Alas, I no longer have the energy to keep up my fluther album. So many beautiful women have come and gone since then.

Still, it was nice to be reminded that I’m not the only ass who gets in other people’s faces!

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From what I have seen so far they do not, but I think that they should.

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