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Can you send somebody a text message using your email?

Asked by caleb (12points) December 29th, 2010

I need to know because I was textin my girlfriend and my dad wont let me use the phone and I really want to talk to her anyone know how please tell me.

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Yes. What carrier does she have?
Virgin Mobile:

where phonenumber = her 10 digit phone number

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Well done, @papayalily! Very thorough! GA!

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@wundayatta Sometimes, you’re just too lazy to go all the way into the other room to see if the voicemail your sister left you was for real, or buttdialed, and you just need to email her a text asking if you absolutely must get up. And this is how I know.

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you should use yahoo mail. It has a main feature where you type in a phone number and you can text it for however long you want. the only setback is that you only get 149 characters per text. To use it go to the “new” tab and click mobile text or something along those lines.

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I do it all the time. From my track phone, it cost about text…on my computer it cost nada.

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gmail also has a great add-on “sms to phone” which is free but unfortunately does not work for phones outside the US.

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