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Define best.

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Hands down, Apple, in terms of product quality and marketing.

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The one with the best marketing usually wins the sales battle….
the truth is quality matter little to the crowd.

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It depends on what you want to do on a computer, and how much you enjoy messing around with it.

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I hate both equally.

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Think what defines who is best can be summed up by what your customers say about your brand. Apple have the unique fan base who will purchase, promote and share their experiences to their friends. Similar to Harley Davidson owners, who will no doubt own a leather coat and be passionate about the brand. Very unique and Microsoft suck for Customer satisfaction in all things except Xbox.

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no comparison….......

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Honestly, they’re virtually the same in terms of quality and durability if you spend the same amount of money on them. A nice PC is just as good as an apple, if not better in some cases. The operating systems come down to personal preference (assuming you have windows 7 on the pc). PC’s are a shit ton easier to get repaired.. I used to work for a computer store and we literally had to send our macs out. We weren’t allowed to open them, only mac.

I personally prefer PC (Toshiba being my favorite brand). Its not that apples are bad, I just don’t want to spend more money on something thats not really any better. Mac’s are a sort of status symbol thing, like driving a BMW or something. Its really no more reliable than a nice Lincoln or an upper end Honda for that matter…. but it sounds nicer and makes you look like you’re cooler.

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Neither Apple nor Microsoft has your best interests at heart. Free Software is about freedom. Freedom is important.

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Penguin Power, baby!

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‘Nother vote for the Penguin.

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Neither company makes good software… they pay outside companies to make it for them. If you’re trying to choose between purchasing a Mac or a Microsoft-based PC then it depends on factors such as simplicity and style vs better options, cheaper price with better performance… and possibly more headaches if you’re a lazy computing/technology individual. If you’re just doing office-type work and want something reliable and have the money to spend… Apple computers are simple, stylish, but VERY overpriced. If you want to play modern games, want a better variety of software options (including FREE software options) and you’re on a budget… you can build a PC that will do all of the things a Mac can do for a fraction of the price. This does have it’s shortcomings though if you don’t know how/want to learn how to put together your own PC (it’s way easier than people make it out to be), and the software/driver installs can lead to headaches if you aren’t aware of what your doing (and again, too lazy to learn). It’s a known fact that there’s a lot more software compatibility with PC-based computing… but in today’s world, multi-platform support is quickly becoming commonplace.

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no comparison….......

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