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Is there a program that makes rounded corners on your PC like there is for Mac?

Asked by klaas4 (2176points) November 17th, 2007
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if you just want all your program windows to have rounded corners, you can download Window Blinds and then download a WB theme with rounded corners (like their aqua theme)

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No, I mean the corners of the entire screen.

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Could you post a screenshot of how it looks on OS X? You made me curious…

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Well, Mac’s with Tiger have that standard, and with Displaperture you can do this too on Leopard…

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As fas as I can tell, my Tiger desktop screen is perfectly rectangular when I hide the menu bar; so it’s probably the menu bar that has rounded corners. And since the menu is in principal always visible on a Mac, you get rounded corners (only the top left & right though).
I don’t know exactly what Displaperture does, but the easiest way to mimic this is to trim your pc background picture with rounded corners (perhaps Displaperture overlays the desktop picture with black rounded corners?). This won’t show the corners if you put a window over it, but then again, I’d suspect that’s the same for Displaperture (or for that matter, with Tiger, but that’s normally not possible to check, since you can’t drag an application over the menu bar).

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he he! Did johnpowell just show us his bookmarks toolbar?

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@johnpowell: is awesome

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There probably is, but I don’t know of one unfortunately. It is important to note that only the top corners are rounded, and that this is no longer a feature of the design as of Mac OS X Leopard.

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