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Which Final Fantasy Game?

Asked by derektherock42 (206points) April 9th, 2008

This is a question my friend has. Here it is in his words:

“I want to start playing FF games, so my question is should I get one already available on DS, or should I wait until the remake of FF IV comes out?”

I hope you know a lot about FF.

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Personally I would go ahead and by one that’s already available. I’ve never played a FF game that wasn’t any good. Then if you like them, go ahead and buy IV when it comes out. By the way though, VII is the best overall.

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as being a final fantasy fan, I’d say start with final fantasy vii (7), its for the original playstation, and damn is it good. I remember playing through all 90+ hours of content (some can extend it even further) and loving every second. The plot is amazing. Also, if you find you love ff7 and have a playstation or bought it for ff7, definately hunt down xenogears, not xenosaga (though the xenosaga series was supposed to be a continuation of xenogears, but just comes nowhere even close)

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I’m not a big fan of RPGs. I have a really short attention span and have a hard time focusing on the monotonous task of killing the same enemies over and over again.

That said, I was OBSESSED with FFVII. It’s one of the few games (and the only RPG) I’ve ever made a point to finish and a game I found myself emotionally invested in. Gripping story, great visuals (for the time), and just all around fun. True FF fans might scoff at the suggestion (or maybe not?) but there’s a reason that game gets mentioned as much as it does. I’ve tried other FF games since (earlier games, nothing past VII) and I haven’t spent more than a few hours on any of them.

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@bmrumble – hunt down xenogears, you WON’T be disappointed. It’s old, and on Playstation, but so incredible.

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I can’t reccomend one without knowing what systems he has. Looks like he has a DS, and FF3 Remake is pretty cool, but it’s an older one so the storyline and stuff is much more elementary. I think Final Fantasy VII or X would be the best bets. X might be a really good first one, but VII is too.

Xenogears is really awesome too, yeah. Great story, great gameplay and the soundtrack is really cool also.

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Btw, FF VI is really good too. They just rereleased it for GameBoy last year so that could be a fun little one to play on the DS.

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Final Fantasy? Well, I’d pick up one if the earliest ones (i.e., the original FF (Japanese) or FFIII (U.S.= the original) so I could get an unstanding/appreciation for the series. From there, FFVII is a classic, and FFX is getting there too.

Personally, I’d make a point to grab both ChronoTrigger and ChronoCross, in that order. Even before picking up any of the FF’s. They are both by the same company, so you’ll get a taste of the FF style. I personally find those two to be better than any FF (aside from the original and FFIII), but be warned, CT and CC do not have a linear plot as the FF series does.

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FF: Tactics, or if your friend does not mind waiting a little while (two-three months) he could get the new Tactics game for the DS.

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FFVII… I’m kinda mad they made a prequal for it and its only or the PSP.. But the storyline and game was one of the best I’ve ever played

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I tried FFX. It was fascinating until I realized that there was nothing I could do to affect the outcome except die—it was just like watching a movie with occasional fight scenes. When I realized I was on rails, I totally lost interest.

Your friend ought to be warned that this is the case; if I had known it, I wouldn’t even have picked up the game in the first place.

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get lost odyssey,maker as well as musician of final fantasy

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Yes, definitely buy the FF III that’s already out for the DS, because its a good long game that’s worth the playtime. If you’re going to do that, then I advise you to never sell any of the weapons that you outgrow; save them for the ninja class at the end of the game.

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I was really into Final Fantasy Tactics, but it’s old enough now that I’m sure the graphics would be a turn off.

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The just released FF Tactics on the PSP, called War of the Lions – it’s pretty cool. I never played the original so I grabbed this and haven’t really got started yet but I do like it.

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I personally would go ahead and spring for FF III. I myself collect Final Fantasy games, so I would eventually end up purchasing the two. I cannot honestly think of a Final Fantasy game (of the numeric series) that I did not like.

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For some reason, I wasn’t a big fan of any FF game before VII (7). Though I LOVE Chrono Trigger and the Breath of Fire series.

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