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Anyone else worn out from the holidays and are looking forward to getting back into their old routine?

Asked by Jude (32134points) January 2nd, 2011

Actually, I could easily use a good three or four days of sleep.


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Yes and no.

Resting up the last few days, but looking forward to a NEW routine.

Out with the old and in with the new. :-)

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Yes! I am seriously looking forward to getting back to work! Been off for two weeks! Only thing..I’m not sure I remember HOW to get up before 10 a.m.!

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Not looking forward to getting up at 05.00 for work but I’ll be glad to see the back of all that turkey, pork & cakes I’ve been living off…… looking forward to losing some weight once I get back to work Lol….. :-/
I’m looking forward to my throat getting better too after all the festive alcohol it’s endured Lol…..

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I no longer treat holidays as days designed to overeat, socialize beyond what I enjoy, or change the quotedian routine that I am comfortable with.

Therefore, I had a nice week, in spite of my grumpy, old man, smoker, non-relative, cantankerous house guest.

A large turkey trotted across my field this morning, obviously on his way to do something important. I wished him a happy new year.

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I didn’t gain any weight…I didn’t change my eating habits either. Except for maybe eating a piece of pie after Christmas dinner, but I think that’s been taken care of by now!

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Well, I am looking forward to forging a new routine for the New Year.

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Not really. I call Jan-March the post-holiday doldrums. They are boring, dreary and uneventful months. I have really enjoyed having my husband home from work for two weeks.

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Hell yes. I dislike the holidays, to be honest. I don’t understand why some people use them as an excuse to act extra nice, kiss up to others or overindulge themselves. Watching that makes me sick.

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No. My husband took time off between xmas and New Years, and I hate that he is going back to work tomorrow.

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While it has been an okay week, I am looking forward to being back in a routine. I function better that way.

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Not worn out no, but a definite sense of relief. I mean I absolutely love Xmas but every year I find myself extremely happy to be back to “normal”.......whatever that is. Decorations & tree packed away in the loft, work, kids back at school next week. Something very comfortable about a routine I think. Just so long as it’s not boring or regimental.

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Im just finishing a week off with my wife and daughter. We did nothing but rest (we were sick, but it was still nice).

Back to work on Tuesday which begins our three slowest months of the year. Hallelujah!

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The thing I like most about my routine is I have no routine. I am looking forward to my shows coming back on.

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@JLeslie @psychocandy me, too. I don’t have much routine except boredom. Have to work on that.

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I’m kinda torn. I’ve been home since December 15th and while it’s been great seeing family and friends and having my boyfriend here with me for a week and just being able to “relax” it really hasn’t been relaxing. I feel so obligated to DO STUFF and see people that I just run around and around and around and I’ve been driving so much and I hate driving and spending so much more money than I should that it’s all stressing me out so much! I leave on Wednesday and I can’t wait to be home and see my cat but at the same time I dread going back to work and I know I’ll miss everyone here as soon as I leave. Sigh.

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I’m ready to get back to my regular routine. The decorations are all packed away and only winter type decorations remain.
I’m ready for my kids to go back to school and my husband to go back to work. I need my alone time to concentrate on my work.

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All my decorations are down, the house is back in order. I like the season, but I like order. (read: neat freak)

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Usually the answer to this question would be yes but I am so unhappy with my job at the moment that I am dreading going back to work on Tuesday.

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I’m looking forward to getting back to school work and being normal. My life has changed a bit since before Christmas and I need to find a bit of normalcy that I didn’t have during these changes. But, yes, it will be painful to get out of bed at 7 again. Tearing me away from my bed will be like tearing me away from part of my body. But I know I’ll be in a good mood after a couple minutes of being awake because routine does that to me.

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I’m looking forward to going back to college and starting new classes, but of course I’m going to miss being with my family and the holidays…

Still, I am definitely looking forward to starting a new quarter. :)

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