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Can you die from taking 20 midol in 24 hours?

Asked by Spidermanrulezzz (189points) January 3rd, 2011

I know someone who did this and I’m really worried about them. What’s the worst that can happen? Could it kill her?

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Call poison control and ask them. 1–800-222–1222

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It depends which version – according to wikipedia some contains acetominphen and some contain various NSAID’s. Either way you want to avoid taking more than the recomended dose. I would strongly reccomend a trip to the ER for a quick check up. The difference between the normal dose of acetominophen and a potentially fatal one is very small. Also there are often no symptoms from acetominphen overdose for 24 hours (unless you take an aboslutely massive overdose).

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Is she trying to kill herself? That needs medical attention no matter what, whether she is successful or not. If you get her to the ER or call an ambulance they will handle her psychiatric needs.

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She definitely needs medical care. Midol not only contains pain relievers which will wreak havoc on her liver, but also a diuretic. That’s extremely dangerous and sounds like a suicide attempt to me. Definitely to the ER if she isn’t already there.

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Don’t waste time here get her to the ER and have them check her out in more ways than one. Good Luck


I don’t know if it would kill a person, but I certainly think it would cause serious liver damage. I know someone personally who took Tylenol for a rather long period of time, and she ended up scarring her liver.

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