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Best cheap eats in San Francisco?

Asked by Kay (1608points) April 9th, 2008

Visiting a friend there next week and don’t want to spend a ton of money on food. Any suggestions?

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Burritos in the mission.

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Agree with @peedub there are a lot of good Mexican places across the city for reasonable prices. Also a big fan of Mangosteen (Vietnamese), Godzilla Sushi, & Naan & Curry.

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Naan and Curry = thumbs up. Also in upper haight there’s a gourmet hot dog joint called Rosamund (sp?). You can get wild boar links.

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Oh my god, I’m getting hungry already! Thanks for the awesome suggestions!

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The cheapest sushi in San Francisco is at a place called Yokoso Nippon, commonly referred to as “No Name Sushi” because it was so low-frills, they didn’t even have a sign until recently. The address is 314 Church.

The restaurant doesn’t have a liquor license but, conveniently, there’s a liquor store with a nice sake selection on the corner.

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Curry: Tasty Curry on 9th between Judah and Irving.
Thai (Eat In): King of Thai Noodle (Clement and 5th)
Thai (Delivery): Malai Thai (16th St. between Guererro and Valencia)
Thai / Chinese: (awesome hole in the wall) Yamo (18th and Mission)
Mexican (burrito): El Castillito (Church and Market, by safeway)
Mexican (burrito and others): Taqueria Cancun (between 18th and 19th on Mission)
Sandwich: Freddy’s Sandwiches (Francisco and Bay)

if i think of some more spots i will make sure to post… but those are most of my favs for cheap around here…

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Burrito: El Farolito, 24th @ Mission
Indian: Shalimar (I prefer the one on Polk @ California; boyfriend prefers Jones @ Geary)
Sushi: Okino, Arguello @ 4th (I think?)
Banh Mi: Saigon Sandwichs, Larkin @ Turk

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ah and cheap sushi: Kitaro (Geary and 21st i believe..)

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for burritos, Papalote on 24th and Valencia. And for burgers and beer, don’t forget Zeitgeist in the Mission. They have amazing burgers, both beef and veggie burgers. Mmmm…I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. And while you’re out it, don’t forget to practice alco-tourism and try our local brews! Anchor Steam is cheap and local and good.

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I have just been informed that No Name Sushi closed down today. So sad.

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Was that the place that you had to step down into?

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if you need to make a reservation, ;)

For events tryout

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rosamunde is in lower haight, not upper : )

i have also found that exploring clement street around 3rd-5th will bring many cheap surprises! dim sum kinda stuff…..

there is also a papalote on fulton and masonic. depending on which neighborhood you’re in go to whatever is closer. they have the best salsa i have ever had in my life. i even had to post a question on fluther asking “how many burritos is too many?” because of that place. i have their number programmed into my phone : )

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@emilyrose – I live near that Paplote on Fulton & Masonic and wondered if it was related to the one in The Mish. I’ll have to try it out!

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McDonalds.. Burger King.. Wendy’s… Subway =]

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Costco and Sam’s Club has those samples at the end of the isles…..

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sfgirl: i was there last night. it is the same owners and its damn good. enjoy, neighbor!

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@emilyrose – Thanks! I always pass by it on my walk to Starbucks in the morning…before it’s actually open. I’ll definitely check it out soon!

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you will become addicted. take advantage of the burrito card: buy 10, get one free. i have 8 stamps right now. YUM!

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there’s lots of good places for vietnamese sandwiches in the $3 range – the famous one is saigon sandwich, at larkin and eddy. if you’re looking for vegetarian options try the one just down the street (on larkin between turk & golden gate), it used to be called ‘wrap express’ but now i think it’s actually called ‘vietnamese sandwich’ at least that’s what it says on the sign.

also – if you get a chance you should really check out dottie’s true blue cafe for breakfast. it’s on jones between ofarrell and geary, only open until 3 pm, and expect to stand in line for a while, but it’s worth it. such good food. i wouldn’t call it cheap but it’s not expensive either. i hear liza minelli eats there.

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I suggest you go to any “regular’ grocery store and take advantage of the salad bar, the prepared roast chicken, and the many bargains that are available. Hubby and I were really proud of the fact that we could vacation in San Francisco on $30 plus the cost of our motel room.

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