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What would go with a light blue fitted pinstriped shirt (women's)?

Asked by Jude (32112points) January 4th, 2011

I’m looking for bottom attire. :)

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Your shirt sounds lovely, I think it would look amazing worn with, as @Adirondackwannabe said, a black skirt/trousers and if you had a jacket (suit) it would be very dressy, likewise though you can make it more casual by wearing it with your favourite jeans and it would still look great..
hugs honey xx

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Black pants from a pant suit with black flats.

Medium-hued blue jeans. Not sure on shoes for this getup.

Light, pleated khakis with (dark) brown loafers.

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How about a gay best friend with fashion sense…

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Just about any neutral color of pants or a skirt.

You could add a navy blue blazer or jacket.

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I would wear it with a grey pencil skirt.

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<—Tomboy who needs help.

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I agree with @lucillelucillelucille. A pencil skirt would look great on you. Maybe add a
scarf for fun and flare.

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@Jude You would look good in that.—Macy’s has good sales right now ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille I need to go shopping with you!

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An ankle length loose fitting pleated skirt would look really nice, although it might be a little “older” than you want. Does that make sense?

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All great ideas.

I need to get me a grey pencil skirt. I do have one in my closet, not grey. Fitted skirts look good on me.

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@Jude -Anytime you want to go! V and I will be doing that,I’m sure.You are welcome to come along ;)

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Grey, Charcoal, Navy.
Is your shirt light blue with white stripes or tone on tone, woven stripe?

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