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What is one of the most fun or romantic things you've done for love?

Asked by kaomungai (133points) January 4th, 2011

We have all been there. Smitten. Heart racing. The thoughts of some special person fluttering about in our minds. I have helped a friend by dressing up as a teddy bear and delivering flowers on Valentine’s Day. I have gone by 2 planes and a bus just to see someone for 16 hours. I have written love poems and pieces baring my heart for the world to see.

So, what have you done that has been fun, off the wall, or simply romantic for love? For yourself? To help a friend? Or anything? The end results do not matter. What matters is that you have a story.

Viva l’amour!

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I took my gf around town to a variety of places we’d been to. At each one, I talked about what we’d done there and how each one had a special place in our relationship.

Then I took her to a park – which turned out to be kind of a scary place at night. Anyway, she said she didn’t remember it. I said, “You will.” That’s when I showed her the ring…

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This isn’t a story of something I’ve done, but something that was done for me. Mr. Fiance, one Valentine’s Day a million years ago, put me in the car and blindfolded me. He drove for a little while, then parked the car and played this song (a not-so-very-good live version, there – an official video doesn’t exist). Not only do I love They Might Be Giants, but the song – “Another First Kiss” was appropriate because we were at the bus station in our hometown, where we had our first kiss when we were 17.

This will also be our first dance at our wedding (which we’re not actively planning yet), because it’ll be another type of first kiss – our first as Mr. and Mrs. :)

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I just went for it. I thought he liked me but was too shy to ask. So I made the first major move. I got burned and embarrassed for it, but I tried

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picnic lunch or diner at a quiet park and read some poems that i wrote, played a cd mix of songs.

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My parents wouldn’t drive me to see him last week because all the roads were closed because of some major snow so I walked two miles texting him all the way. Then i got to stay with him for a few days and we had soooo much fun together. :)

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I can’t go into details, but it involved an Inn with a fantastic view, a hot tub and pearls. She’d never been given pearls before. Let’s just say she was inspired to display the pearls in many different ways, including some that could not possibly have been on the jeweler’s mind when he or she strung them on a necklace..

In a faraway land, long, long ago. Or was it only my imagination?

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I gave a crystal goblet filled with minature candied fruits to an engaged couple and told them I hoped their love cup would always be full.

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My ex partner took me to the mountains on V-day, rented a cabin and everything. Got to enjoy some epic snowball fights and got the chance to watch snow fall from he sky (my first time ever). And at night we’d cuddle around the fireplace and watch some movies…It was all very relaxing and I’d do it again, with my new partner, any day.

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When I thought of something interesting and wanted to call her, she called me at the moment!

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