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What do I give him for Valentine's Day?

Asked by creepypastagirl (234points) January 25th, 2014

I’m not sure what to give my boyfriend (he’s 20) for Valentine’s day. I want it to be sweet but not sappy or over the top. Preferably something I could make (I don’t knit or anything…) just because it would be more special and he would be upset if I spent a bunch of money on him. Any ideas? I’m open to anything as long as it’s fairly easy to make and not cheesy.

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When my hubby and I were first dating, I made him an Easter basket.

He doesn’t care for much candy, so I filled it with a bunch of different kinds of trail mix, and pistachios in the shell, and the two candies he likes: Sweet Tarts and Jolly Ranchers. I think I also added a roll of burnable CDs that were compatible with his ancient turntable-to-CD recorder.

It was a pretty cool gift, if I say so myself.

What I’m driving at is, it should be something personal to you and him. I can’t tell you what your boyfriend would like in his basket, but gift baskets are hella fun to make, and always a hit, as long as you put some thought into what you put in them.

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Make him dinner.

How about a photo collage of you both?

Or, start some sort of photo album that you can add to. Photos and a little comment about the memory from that photo. Maybe that is more of an anniversary type gift?

I like @Seek_Kolinahr idea, basically a basket full of yummies he likes.

My husband once bought me a mini puzzle that had a heart and said I love you. He didn’t make it, but he put it together, it was sweet. I think you can actually have puzzles made now, you supply the photo. I don’t know how expensive it is.

Print and cut out hearts and put them in his medicine chest, fridge, attache case, wallet, so when he opens things he has a whole bunch of hearts with little messages from you fall out.

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BJ…Big Jumper, it’s cold out, best to bundle up.

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Please, Please, please! Don’t go over the top. Keep it simple, small, and consistent so this and future days are not wrecked by disappointment from overly high expectations.
Make dinner. Or give him some foods he likes. Whitman’s Sampler chocolates. Hickory Farms food box.
Go someplace alone together. You both will appreciate that more than you can imagine.

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Make an album of memories of your relationship. A cute picture of you. Some ticket stubs from events you went to. Programs from a dance.

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Bake him some cupcakes and decorate them with hearts.

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I remember making a boyfriend a giant heart shaped cookie. He was crazy about my chocolate chip cookies. It was a huge hit.

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A mix CD. of songs you both like, songs that make you both smile. Use the photo collage suggestions above to make a personalized picture cover for the CD.

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Do something nice and simple. He’ll like that more than something over the top.

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