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When someone says "I'll text you in a bit", what does that imply? How long is a bit?

Asked by joy20 (106points) January 4th, 2011

I was told this.

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I would think it would be within the hour.

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Perspicacious, haha thanks! Marinelife, I was thinking along those lines!

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i will defer to urban dictionary

A safe way of saying that its not gonna happen

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2 hours, 48 minutes and 16 seconds. No more and no less.

Honestly? It depends on the relationship the two of you have and the personalities you have and God knows what else. If you want it explicit, you have to say explicitly how much time you think that is.

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Within the day but in more than an hour.

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I hate texting.. just saying…

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I would think within 2 hours. Or, never if they forget.

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Later. It’s a personal preference; no definite time frame.

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Chyna, I do too!

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A bit is apart of a bridle. Meaning either, hold your horses, or “whenever I can and feel like it.”

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When I have nothing better to do…if I remember.

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The “in” is a typo; the message means that you will receive a single binary digit of information. I hope you asked a yes/no question.

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It depends on the situation. If I tell a friend that I’m in class and I’ll text them in a bit, it’ll be after class. If I’m eating dinner, it’ll be after dinner. If there’s no specific reason why they can’t talk about whatever it is right now, I’d guess a bit would be a few hours at most.

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Where I live, me included, we say “See ya after” as a farewell gesture. After what exactly? After a nap, a meal, a shag! Just summit people say that’s a bit daft but understood all the same.

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CORRECTION: I was told, “I’ll text you in a lil bit”.......Does knowing “lil” change your response????

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YES!! Absolutely. A lil bit is an hour. At the most. More like a half hour.

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ahhhh “lil bit” does bring the time element into play. hour to two max

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If it’s from a friend then I take it to mean they’re busy or distracted.
If from someone I don’t know well then I suspect indifference.

Really though, it could be anything and you’ll have to ride it out if you like this person to know if their interest in you is genuine.

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It depends. Someone says it out of politeness but someone really means a while.

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