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What's wrong with these files?

Asked by Foolaholic (5801points) April 9th, 2008

I just downloaded the album Feel Good Ghosts, by Cloud Cult. The problem is that when i loaded it into Itunes, it tells me that the songs are a hell of a lot longer than normal; for instance, most of the songs are about 20 minutes long, when the itunes store says they should be about 4 minutes. And it’s not lying to me, there physically is 5 times the amount of recorded information there, but it won’t all play. Some songs do run the time that itunes store says they should, then they end and the song changes, leaving the majority of the file unplayed. But if you drag the time bar past where you’ve just heard the song play, it will repeat certain parts of the song. Where the file stops playing all depends on where you dragged the time cursor to. And some songs are even longer than itunes predicts, but have the same basic problem. Has anyone ever come across something like this, because I’m stumped.

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Assuming you didn’t download these from iTunes (if you did, you can contact their support page and request a re-download for free), this seems to point to corrupted data files.

I experienced this same thing awhile back from a band’s website (free .mp3s of their album), only to run into the same problem. I’m not totally sure why this is, but it may be corrupted from the download and a bad connection; sometimes packet loss somewhere along the pipeline will create errors in the file and its directory blocks.

Don’t know an easy way to fix, so if possible, I would recommend a re-download.

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If it’s just some blank space at the end of the song you want to cut off, try out this free open source music editing program Audacity, While it probably has a lot more options than you want, it’ll be pretty quick for cutting blank space.

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