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Best web-site to buy this NCStar Crossbow Pistol from?

Asked by shniernan (986points) January 6th, 2011

Hey fluther, I’ve been considering getting a crossbow for quite sometime now. I mean, who wouldn’t? Perfect zombie killing weapon, fun target practice, and over-all awesomeness give it a sure spot on everyone’s wish list! :D

Well before I get to where I’m buying this and my uncertainty about it, I wanted to know if fluther has any better suggestions for my purchase. I am getting the NCStar Crossbow Pistol and I wanted to know your opinions. I like it. It fits my requirements of

A) looking good

B) self-cocking (The auto-cocking mechanism)

C) relatively cheap

D) strong (AKA more than 50lbs draw, or enough to pierce a zombie’s skull. :P hahahahha).

However the reviews of it on amazon tell a much different story. There are a couple of good reviews telling of a good time and a happy ending and there are the people screaming “IT WAS DOOMED WHEN I PULLED IT OUT OF THE BOX!!!”

So, is the problem Amazon, should I buy from another site? Or is the problem the product, and I should find a better one?

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I would not buy it online.
1 – Your local laws may prohibit it
2 – I’d like to handle and test the crossbow before I decide to purchase it. That is best done at a local store.

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@WestRiverrat – What kind of store might have this in stock? I have checked around my neighborhood and checked online to see if any are close but I can’t find anywhere that might have one.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crossbow pistol in a store.

I have checked my laws, I am in the clear.

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Sporting goods stores will stock them.

Cabelas, Bass Pro or similar stores

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You do realize this is a “toy”, right? It looks cool but it is still a Chinese knock off. The kinetic energy will be nowhere near a true hunting bow.
Here are “real” crossbows for hunting . They cost $500—$1000.

Look around and see if you can find anyone who has chronographed this item. You want at least 200 ft/sec preferably 300 ft/sec.

Remember you get what you pay for. Don’t expect to get a Bowtech Diamond for $37.

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@worriedguy – I’m not hunting with this…. O.o
Just target practice. And show.

And it looks cool, and (I believe) is capable of firing at targets. So…. why do i need to spend 500$?

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If a hard and/or sharp projectile comes out of something with significant force, it is definitely not a toy.

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@worriedguy – Chinese knock-off of what? From what I’ve seen, it is the msot proffessional crossbow pistol yet!

If there were a better one, I would purchase that instead.

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