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Cleaning a pizza stone?

Asked by occ (4080points) April 9th, 2008

I forgot to put flour onto our new pizza stone before putting the dough on and baking it in the oven. Parts of the dough/crust stuck to the stone and we can’t get it loose. It’s a terra cotta pizza stone…we could try soaking it overnight but I’m afraid of ruining it—the directions when we got it said to not use soap or water on it but to brush lightly with a damp cloth after use. However, there’s no way a damp cloth is going to remove the chunks of crusty dough stuck to the stone. Advice?

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Leave it. Over time and use it will eventually come off. You may think it’s gross, ugly or even dirty, but that’s the secret of the pizza stone. They have special plastic scrapers for them too that you can use. It should have come with one, but you can also buy them separately.

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you can try a little olive oil

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soak it overnight in waer it wont hurt it. Just make sure it is totally dry before baking on it again. The reason being is if there is moisture inside the stone it will crack when it is heated. Water will expand 1700 times its original volume when converted to steam. It is unable to escape fast enough from the stone causing it to fracture in a means of escape.

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@babygalll…Those little plastic scrappers…
Use the scrapper very gently…

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@boffin: Yes, I know.

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gooch is right. The same thing happened to me. Once the dough comes up there will still be staining (like a black mark) but it doesn’t affect the pizza stone’s cooking ability at all. FYI, keep your stone in the oven at all times (especially if you use gas). The stored heat in the stone will help regulate a more constant temperature.

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@babygalll…I was agreeing with you…I added a Great Answer tally….
Reminding the questioner OCC to use the scraper gently….

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Oh ok…got it.

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