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What would have happend if Hitler had created the atomic bomb? Not the Americans?

Asked by Jay484 (1555points) January 8th, 2011

would we be living in a very different world if hitler had created the atomic bomb rather then the united states? if so who would he have dropped it on first.

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He probably would have dropped it on America first, judging from the fact that an intercontinental “flying wing” bomber was already in the planning stages.
It was even called the “Amerikabomber”.

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It would surely be a different world, huh? He probably would have dropped it first on London, because they were within his reach. The French were no threat. Maybe Moscow? After seeing the damage, America would probably have surrendered. My father-in-law flew many supply missions across the Atlantic during the war, so I’m sure if we could fly across the Atlantic, so could they. The US wouldn’t be a welfare state. We’d all be productive or put to death. There wouldn’t be a drug problem, or people coming across the border. And we sure as heck wouldn’t have bickering, self-serving politicians in Washington. No MSNBC or Fox News. No Internet or Fluther. Interesting question. What is your answer to your question?

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He would drop it on London first, because just like us, he wouldn’t have known about the fallout and the true devastation of a nuclear weapon.

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My guess is this
London is nuked, European Allies Surrender, USA withdraws back to its own borders militarizing the East Coast as a protective measure from Hitler using a Nuke on the US though probably would continue battling Japan in the Pacific.
US defeats Japan in a quick and swift manner in order to have military control over Asian nations to act as a buffer in the case that Germany takes over Russia.
Meanwhile in Eastern Europe/Western Asia Germany and Russia continue the slaughter, Russia is probably too aggressive and too close to German lines for Germany to effectively either fly a bomber carrying the nuke, or use a V2 rocket as its range would diminish drastically with the heavy payload.
However, Russia is also a bit more cautious as they don’t want to push Hitler so far as to desperately drop a battlefield nuke. Russia and Germany eventually call for a ceasefire along their new found border with the Eastern European nations ending up as a DMZ.
The world ends up in a 1984 like situation with Germany’s technology, USA’s mass production capabilities, and Russia’s numbers, superior snipers, and superior tanks keeping all three wary of the others until all three develop nuclear arsenals.
Cold War comes in but with three players, most likely skirmishing for 3rd world countries with resources they need to maintain power.
The waiting game then commences.

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We (U.S.) wouldn’t have been able to defeat Japan in a “quick and swift manner” though. The whole reason we dropped a nuke on densely populated cities is because every person was prepared to fight us tooth and nail, even the children. They didn’t even surrender when we nuked one city, we had to do a second city to show that this weapon that could kill tens of thousands in an instant repeatedly. In fact, we were prepared to send in troops after nuking a location, just showing how little we knew of the radiation and its effects. As horrifying as that bomb was and is, it actually saved a lot more lives than it took.

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I think that London England would have been Hitler’s first atomic bomb attack. If Hittler only had 2 or 3 attomic bombs like the U.S.A. had then I think that the Allied forces would have still won WWII but it would have taken longer with far more death and distruction. Recovery from that mess would take a long long time.

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The world would be very different. Yes.

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I would be typing in German

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My guess is that a lot more people would be dead and that a lot more Americans would have been killed because of how crazy and sick Hitletr was.

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@hotgirl67 yeah i agree… hitletr and all! crazy sick bast#$s!...

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Keep in mind, folks, that Germany developing an atomic bomb would do nothing to stop Stateside research into the same field. The Manhattan Project was a well-guarded secret.

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Wasn’t the man in charge of the Manhattan Project German by birth? And of course Albert Einstein, German. Jewish, but still German.

As for the question, I think the world would be different. I agree with some above he might have bombed England first, and other parts of Europe. I don’t know if it would have ended the war, like it did when we bombed Japan? There were people in Germany resisting Hitler, and trying to get rid of him also. Even if he had dropped the bombs, the US and Russia would have continued their research and eventually had the bomb also. Then the question is does everyone blow up the planet, or is there a cold war between Hitler’s Germany, and the countries he would have come to control, against the US and Russia, and would we be allied with Russia in that circumstance? Or, would there be a triangle of sorts?

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I think Hitler would have loved to have conquered Britain and to have visited London in triumph rather than destroy it. It is likely that he would have dropped the atomic bomb on Russia to prevent the war there being lost and as a demonstration of its power to Churchill. We would have had no option but to surrender and allow Hitler to establish the Third Reich in Europe.

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Wasn’t the man in charge of the Manhattan Project German by birth? And of course Albert Einstein, German. Jewish, but still German.

General Leslie Groves was in charge of the entire project and Robert Oppenheimer headed the physicists and weapnons production. They were both born in the US.

But most of the top Manhattan project physicists were Europeans who left or were kicked out by the fascists. (Thanks Nazis!)

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thanx buddy winter your answer helped me in my class project
bdw m a class 10 stdnt studying in Techno India Group Public School, Hooghly
m frm wb.

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I wondered the same thing the other day! Unfortunately, Germany was nowhere close to developing an atomic bomb, so it’s kind of groundless, but…

Hitler would have first targeted Great Britain. After seeing the devastation, America would have surrendered and Germany would probably have ruled most of Europe and Asia, parts of Africa, and maybe even the United States of America. By now revolution would have overtaken the dictatorship, but it would have been a dark part in our history.

PS he would probably have stopped targeting Jews, as the holocaust was just an excuse to take over other countries and fuel wartime hatred. HE no longer would have needed to do this if he ruled half of the world.

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During World War II, the United States introduced the Atomic Bomb and used it against Japan to end the war in the Pacific. Germany was actually very close to developing an Atomic Bomb also, but the Allies were able to invade Europe and defeat Germany before Hitler had the opportunity to use the bomb. If the Allies hadn’t of gotten to Germany in time Where do you think Hitler would have dropped the A-Bomb if he would have had the time? How would it have changed World War II? How might it have changed the world today?

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Had Hitler developed the A-bomb in time, strategically his best bet would be to use it on Britain as Britain was his strongest enemy of the Second World War. He failed to break Britains air defences and sea defences and obviously could not invade by land. The Russians had suffered major defeats as a result of the German Army and America was preoccupied with Japan, therefore Hitler would have, based on these circumstances most likely dropped it on one of Britains major industrial cities like Liverpool or London. As a result of this The allies would either: Launch a massive scale assualt on German and attempt to crush them or more than likely retaliate with the use of the A-bomb.
Thankfully the A-bomb was more a psychological weapon than an actual destructive weapon (nb. Cold War). It was used to intimidate the enemy rather than decimate them, Hitler was a very intelligent man and would not have been clumsy enough to use the A bomb, if he had done he would have had to have used it numerously to destroy the allied forces simultaneously, stopping them from retaliating.
Had this happened though, i think none of us would be here discussing this! Research M.A.D. (mutually assured destruction)

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Providing German troops with winter clothing would have been helpful to the comfort of the Germans that is true, but I very much doubt it would have had much difference on the outcome of war on the Eastern front.
Military Strategy errors, and an opposing force with superior tanks in number and effectiveness, as well as seemingly unending man and woman power that had a fierce fighting ability that the Germans underestimated as well as the sheer size of the Soviet Union to try and conquer were major factors as well as the weather.
For a near realistic view of what would have happened if Germany had won or at least forced a ceasefire without their own surrender, read Robert Harris’s ‘Fatherland’
It is a fictionally written situation novel, but excellently written, for it so very nearly could have been.
If Germany had won in Soviet Union in ‘41 (when the germans had reached Moscow’s gates), and Britain in ‘40, It could be that America and Nazi Germany may have been in a face off in a Cold War, much like the real one between the USA and USSR.
If Nazi Germany had not declared war on America when Japan carried out the attacks on Pearl Harbor, there may have been no open hostilities between Nazi Germany and USA, and possibly, Japan, enraged by deceit by its ally may have declared war on Nazi Germany also.
The Nazi conquered Soviet Union would have had plentiful supply of oil for Nazi Germany’s war machine, Japan would find two large enemies a handful.
Or maybe if Japan did not decalre war on Nazi Germany, small wars would have taken place globally, between American backed and Nazi Germany backed factions in countries around the world whilst America fought Japan. (Again as did happen in the real Cold war between USA and USSR.)
It probably would depend on whether they wished to engage in such tactics, or just sit out the cold war, waiting and waiting for one side either to crumble, or offer hand of friendship and reconciliation and easing of stance, parralel to Gorbachev’s ( then leader of Soviet Union)actions in the 80’s, and Hitler’s view of where America stood in his ideology, somewhere to be conquered, to be wary of, or a big country to make friends with.
Of course in a cold war, hot war could break out any moment, and victory in the large USSR would have even more inflated the Nazi view of undefeatable superiority but Nazi Germany would have had to assemble a huge naval and aerial fleet to even attempt an invasion of America, the build up would have takan a while to do this, but the later the cold war dragged on from early fourties onwards, the more chance both sides would have nuclear weapons and assurance of mutual destruction.
USA having Atomic and nuclear ability in ‘45, could possibly mean that Nazi Germany would also scramble to find WMD ability if they did not have the ability already (There was a factory in occupied Norway where they were looking at the means of making a H—bomb, only an allied sabotage raid stopped it, may not have been carried out with occupation and defeat of Britain which was a nerve centre of commando raids)
Hitler may have softened with age (You never know!) but if not, his succesors or overthrowers would have been key.
Nazism in Germany may well have imploded the longer it existed with the advent of new youth and dissillusionment.
All in all, just one scenario in a scenario in a scenario…. that may have been.
We will never know, all we can do to look at such matters and look at such a situation and assess any form of possible realism in discussion is speculate on such a matter by looking at history since WW2, and try to look at the political, social and geographical consequences of any alternate history.

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If Germany had won WW2, several things must have happened before hand. For example, Hitler actually letting the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe, Kreigsmarine and the Waffen SS run the war and not himself. All of the officers in those departments were more worried about how much power they had instead of getting the job done which needed to be done. The plan was flawed in some respects. Germany should have invaded Britain when they had the chance. Either that or wait until 1945 to start the war when they would have more resources to spare but then again, the allied forces would have done the same. When Germany invaded Russia, USSR, they were driving to Moscow and then split to Leningrad, Stalingrad and Moscow. What they could have done was take Moscow and spend the winter there. In the mean time, the built up forces along the supply routes to take Leningrad and Stalingrad while bring up supplies to enable the troops to survive the winter. North Africa could have been the decisvie campaign if Erwin Rommel would have gotten what he needed in a timely manner and if the Italian military so incompetent. If Germany had done so, the war would have been won, and there might be a chance that Americans and the Germans sign a peace accord. but who knows what would have happened? all we can really say is what Germany did wrong in the war and that we all might be speaking german this instant or the gestapo knocking on our doors to torture us before interrogations.

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He would’ve made two, dropped one on London, used the other as deterrent to force surrender of the allies. Then he would’ve built more and attacked Russia with it.

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There was an interesting book I read called “The Trinity Paradox.” An anti-nuclear activist was thrown back in time to 1944, where she tried to sabotage the Manhattan Project.

* spoilers *

She manages to screw things up enough to cause a small accident that kills one of the senior scientists, slowing things down. Germany doesn’t have enough time to develop the Bomb, but someone there figures out the concept of dumping severely radioactive uranium dust over NYC (the ultimate dirty bomb). Millions of people die, which spurs the project, and we end up nuking Germany.

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If Hitler had the bomb then Im sure those cowardly shits who destroyed Germany from the sky(without any regard for civillian life,art or culture) would have thought twice about their aerial Holocaust..knowing that when they returned to their holes something bigger and badder JUST MIGHT be waiting for them.

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@ansof73 Implying the germans did anything different with their bombing of London.

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