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Would you consider eating insects? Under what conditions?

Asked by gailcalled (54644points) January 8th, 2011

There is a lot of free and delicious protein in the garden, woods, hedge rows, river banks and along hiking trails. Many peoples consider some insects to be a culinary delicacy. Why not us?

Bugs Benedict

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I would eat them only for survival and only after the Royal Food Taster has sampled them. ;)

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If I was starving.

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I would only eat them if I was desperate and if they were served in a delicious sauce

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Every time you open a boxed food item you are narfing on bug pieces galore!

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@Cruiser: I wasn’t clear. I meant that you need to make a deliberate choice. Accidental parts don’t count.

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Hunger and availability

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Some insects are really quite delicious. In Mexico they sell fried crickets by the bag. To me they look nasty, I personally never tried them nor will I ever eat them, but the look on my parents face when they receive them alone says alot. I also tricked my ex into eating one and she actually liked it.

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Really good question. I’m on an unfocused quest to make less and less an impact than I am. I’ve been in favor of local foods until someone mentioned a foraging movement on here. Intellectually, now, your question makes me think – you know…I really should be figuring out how, in the city, I can actually eat insects for protein in a safe, healthy and enjoyable way.

My gut gross reaction is irrational, as @Cruiser demonstrates. But I will admit that I would really only be able to make the choice when I couldn’t tell visually what I was eating.

If I have a burger, and it tastes fine, I don’t care if it’s grass fed beef or soylent green from an appetite perspective.

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@PocketWatch: ^^ I assume that’s why she is your ex.

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Personally I think silk worms are a wonderful light snack

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@Winters: How prepared? Sauted, stewed, raw, as a cocktail morsel, frozen treat?

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They should be nicely fried and with as little dirt on them as possible.
Some nice seasoning would be appreciated as well.

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I would eat them if they were the only food source available or if the alternative were human excrement.

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No never, they bug me.

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@noelleptc Of course! I will send my mother-in-law right over! ;)

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@gailcalled how bout all of the above.

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do you know how many spiders you eat a year wile sleeping?
I’ve eaten bugs at restaurants/vacation areas….they are good…

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I’ve tried fried crickets with wasabi seasoning. Not bad at all, but they will never replace Cheez-its as my snack of choice.

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@all: When I used to bird by wading in local swamps, I noticed that when I looked up, my jaw dropped. So, I too have eaten some winged creatures unwittingly. And I bet that each of us has swallowed the occasional mosquito or black fly.

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@gailcalled In that case….I was swimming in a river in North Carolina and an Ear Wig somehow made it into my swim suit and bit me where it hurts most and I reciprocated!

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I think I could eat a human before I could knowingly eat an insect.

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Sure, why not? I’ve unintentionally eaten a lot, I’m sure, and I’ve intentionally eaten a few.

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I would try a cricket or ant dipped in a lot chocolate, but I could never eat grubs like Bear Grills. Eww. Just the thought of what that must feel like in your mouth makes me want to gag.

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I’d try some, if they were prepared in a way other than just picking a big ol cricket off the wall and start munchin’ on it.
I mean I’m sure some bugs have lotsa protein in them, but we’d also have to consider the hazards that it could have in eating ’‘raw’’ insects you just catch. Some might have bad germs, I mean thinkin about it, would you eat a fly that spends time hanging around on poop? Not me.
But hey if it’s prepared in some way that’s safe, I’d be up for it.

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I would consider eating them if I were truly desperate, and if I had some ketchup packets with me.

*Mental note, when hiking or adventuring, stash some ketchup packets.

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@coffeenut Eating spiders in your sleep is just a myth.

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There are plenty of plants to combine for protein first, and I’d also eat human first. I hear we taste like pork. I wouldn’t be able to swallow the bug even if I could stand it in my mouth.

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@noelleptc What? You mean you don’t want to have to choose between a leg or a breast?

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@noelleptc Hmmm. I can see your point. I’ll give you a hint though- should you ever find yourself in a “Donner Party” situation and you’re faced with this decision, always go for the leg. It’s darker meat, and much more juicy. :P

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For survival, yes I would. Otherwise, nope.

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