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Is it bad to take extra vitamins every day?

Asked by jabag11 (676points) January 8th, 2011

First of all I am 19 and am a male, and am asking this in particularly because of my young age.

I know what I’m doing isn’t necessary, but that’s not my question, my question is if this can be bad for me in anyway, short term AND long term..?

So, what I take every day is…one multi vitamin, 2 500mg of Vitamin C tablets (one in morning and one in evening), One Vitamin D3 tablet (5,000 I.U.), and One Vitamin B-Complex tablet…

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That’s more Vit D than you need. Just be out in the sun 20 min., probably making expensive urine from the C unless you are prone to colds. Really, you probably don’t even need the multivite if you eat a varied diet and get lots of exercise, but if it makes you feel better, just the multivitamin.

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What you can take every day is one of your multivitamins, and maybe one 500mg tablet of VitaminC, if you feel it’s necessary. Like @faye said, just get anywhere from 15–30 minutes of sun every day and that will do you on your D.

I can’t stop myself from saying this: PLEASE stop saying “I am 19 and a male” on every question you ask. I’m sorry, but it’s completely unnecessary.

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As I’ve said the two other times you asked questions like this, you don’t need any extra vitamins.

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I had put this answer on your other vitamin question, but it seems the question has been deleted or is being edited. Anyway, you seem to have a lot of medical questions. I don’t know that any of the regulars on Fluther are medical professionals. You might have more luck with medical advice on a site like MedHelp.

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Yes, sometimes having too much of a vitamin in your system can be bad for you. If you are really concerned about your levels, you need to have a discussion with your doctor and ask them to check your levels to see if you have an actual need for the extra vitamins at this time.

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@Seelix Rarbear is a doctor and gasman, I think. There are a bunch of RN’s(me included) on here and more laypeople have done more nutrition research than me.

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Get your vitamin D tested, the blood test. It is impossible to guess. If you go out in the sun, you might be fine with less, and too much is bad. But, I take 50,000 D2 once a week, plus 500–1000 D3 more daily, and I struggle to stay in normal ramges in the winter. So that works to about 8,000 iu’s a day if you break it down.

The thing is vitamin D can cause a very dangerous level of calcium in the blood. It can kill you are at minimum cause serious arterial damage and other tissue damage, so I would not take as much as you are taking unless you are being monitored. Reduce to 2,000 a day for now, and get tested so you know where you are at.

While your at it test B12, and iron, and don’t forget tha calcium check. Make sure your multivitamin is for men and only has 0–6 mg iron. Too much iron can be deadly also,

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Don’t take too much of a good thing.

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@faye – I humbly apologize. I had no idea!

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@Seelix Oh, yes, it’s a rarefied group, this, yourself included!! I meant to say ‘but more lay people’ not ‘and’. I have a little pick at Web MD anyway, go to Mayo Clinic, though I have checked out Web MD myself on various things.

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The most important thing here is to eat a good balanced natural diet. Doing so will eliminate the need for supplements in most people. Your body will only take on what it needs and the rest will just pass through your system. But in doing so it has to be filtered through the body’s systems and to much can put unnecessary stress on the kidneys in particular. If you are worried about your health or that you may be deficient in something particular, go see the doc.
Otherwise id say your just wasting cash on things you don’t need. Eat lots of good meat and meat fats with plenty of vegies and leafy greens!

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Water soluble in excess of what you need will simply get peed out. Fat soluble vitamins will linger, but very few people take vitamin A at a level of toxicity. @Arbornaut says, eating a proper diet will probably cover you unless you are training at the olympian level.

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@Seelix We have several MD’s on fluther, which I am forever grateful for. Dr. Dredd, Rarebear, Shiloh, and several others.

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You can definitely overdose on vitamins.

“Vitamin supplements
are great as supplements to your diet, but in some cases overdoses can occur. The human body can withstand only so much of one type of vitamin. There can be deadly results from consuming extreme amounts of vitamins. There are many vitamins and minerals the body needs to be healthy. The vitamins that the body can not store such as vitamin C, are the vitamins that the human body needs and could use extra amounts. The vitamins the body does store like vitamins E, A and D can be taken to the extreme of causing a vitamin overdose. ”


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@JLeslie – Thanks – @faye enlightened me.

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thanks everyone! I will be asking more vitamin questions, just a few more, bare with me.

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one should never take a specific supplement unless prescribed by a professional. A daily multi-vitamin and average diet will give you everything you need!

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Vitamin ‘C’ acts differently for different people.. I have taken 5 times that much with no effects.. There is a way to tell how much you can use (actively) .. As they are water soluble, what you don’t use will come out through your bladder so, if your urine turns bright yellow then your taking too much (actually wasting) so drop it to half and in a day or so check your color again, if it’s normal then take 1 a day and 2 every other day.. if your urine is somewhat yellow then this is normal.. if your urine doesn’t change then take an extra one until bright yellow then find a happy medium. As far as the others, sounds right so long as their working .

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I take only 1000mg of Vitamin C, 1000mg of magnesium, a B-50 tablet and one fish oil tablet each day, the B50 is a multiple vitamin, I take them with my blood pressure and cholesterol pills every AM.

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