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Do you know of a college professor that has harassed a student? Was it in conjunction with other students against the targeted student?

Asked by mindful (345points) January 9th, 2011

What I am looking for is not sexual harassment. What I am looking for is gestures or verbal abuse towards a student. [You are welcome to share cases of sexual harassment also but I am more interested in the cases described above}

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Forgive me for asking, but why do you require this information?

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I am curious. Such activities by an instructor are illegal however they still happen. I have read/heard/seen it more than once.

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My story is a long way away from college but still quite unbelievable. My youngest son (who was 10) was in a creative writing class. The instructor decided to pick on him and my son just shut down. He stopped doing his home work. The instructor then rallied the class and asked them if they thought he should be allowed to attend the wrap up party and the whole classed indicated (in a showing of hands) that he shouldn’t be. In that same class the instructor told my son to shut up every time my son spoke.

I pulled my kids from the class and sent an e-mail to the instructor letting him know he was massively inappropriate and that my kids would never take another class with him.


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I have a story similar to @tranquilsea ‘s. I had a bad experience in kindergarten. I frequently daydreamed and my teacher resented it. One time, she was teaching and caught me staring off into the field. She called on me, thinking I wouldn’t know the answer, to embarrass me. I knew the answer. This pissed her off. SHe then took me over to the trashcan, in front of my whole class and told me I was “no better than the trash in (this) can”. yeah. I know all of this b/c my mom volunteered at the school and was told about it from another mom, who was volunteering in my classroom.

In terms of college, I wasn’t harassed…really. I know you specifically indicated you are not interested in sexual harassment stories. However, I have one (and it’s the closest encounter I have at college). My psychology professor would frequently discuss things in class like “Girls Gone Wild” and waxing. Yes, I’m serious. He was a pervert and these topics were in no way germane to the coursework. (it was a biological psych class).
Anyway, one day he asked me if I wanted to work on a paper with him. WHen I asked for more details he said it would have to be at his house so we could be alone and he said he would make dinner/wine for me (I was 19). When I told him I didn’t think so (I made up an excuse about time and not having expertise in the subject) he became defensive and was very rude to me for the remainder of the semester.

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