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[Photo] What is this type of hanger for?

Asked by TheBox193 (987points) January 9th, 2011 from iPhone

We recently went to an estate sale and picked up a bunch of these strange shaped hangers – however we don’t know exactly how they were used for.


Any idea or theories?

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It looks like you could hang 2 belts on it. Or maybe necklaces.

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Could it be an multi-purpose hanger?

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I found some thing similar that says it is for hanging purses, belts, ties and scarves.

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Looks like some sort of specialty hanger… maybe to keep the shape in shoulders? Or maybe it would go in the waistband of a skirt or pants. I found a few somewhat similar-looking hangers… also this… yikes!!

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For pants or slacks with cuffs. Inside of lower legs cuffs hang from the ends on either side, you need BIG cuffs though. Center of hanger lines up with side seams.

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I can’t really imagine why anyone would want to, but it looks like you can hang shoes from them.

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Does it flex? If it does, I think it’s for hanging skirts or pants. An old-fashioned version of one of these

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It would appear to be salesman’s hanger for dresses with straps. These are more durable and less attractive than retail hangers or home hangers, because they take a lot of abuse on showroom racks, and are repurposed.

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My guess is shoes.

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it looks like its for a shirt with big shoulder pads.

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I have some of these – this type of hanger is for dresses or lingerie with spaghetti straps. It keeps them from falling off the hanger.

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