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What was your most embarrassing moment?

Asked by Allie (17441points) April 10th, 2008
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Well…I was at the beach swimming, and I felt an…“urge” to use the restroom, but before I could even get halfway up the beach I completely shit my pants. I was wet mind you, from the ocean that is. So in running up the beach to the beachhouse we were visiting, passing all these people. Then I had to run up this pier that was like 9 stories high, down like 3 blocks, and finally over 2 fences. It was awful, I had shit running down my legs, and I was wearing flip flops so it was worse. Just terrible.

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i thought this guy was a chick.

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I was sitting in the back row of a movie theatre with my girlfriend at the time and was consuming some cola. Half-way through a sip of my straw I felt the horrible urge to cough, so I ended up spraying 3 girls in front of me with my drink.

All I could hear is “What the hell?” and “My hair!”, as I apologized and ran out to the bathroom filled with guilt.

I came back a little while later and apologized again, and sat back down then was told when I was gone the entire audience was laughing (it was pretty packed) and my girlfriend had told them all to quiet down. Pretty bad date if you ask me.

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The setting is eighth grade. I was in my ‘home room’ class taking a quiz on something we were supposed to have read. The protocol for these little tests was that we would correct them immediately by passing them to the person in front of us, followed by a quick Q&A session with the teacher calling on people to read aloud. Typically I would get to class late and most likely sit behind someone I didn’t know all that well. That day when I walked into class I noticed that there was an empty seat behind one of my best friends, a guy who lived in my neighborhood. I was excited and a plan was unfolding. I didn’t do the reading but wasn’t at all worried. I mean, he had my back right?
Wrong. I figured even if he got called on he could make something up. He got picked to read an answer and I still vividly remember him saying with a confused look on his face “duddy no.” Like I was saying I wrote nonsense. Who knows why decided on “duddy no” but I vividly remember him repeating that. The class laughed and the teacher leered.

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My friend and I were riding on my four-wheeler and we started to go up this really steep hill. She was freaking out saying that we couldn’t make it but i’m really stubborn so I kept going. Well halfway up the hill we started to flip backwards so I stopped and held it so that she could get off. Well she was taking forever to get off and then we both started laughing at the situation and then i noticed I had to pee. So I told her that and we started laughing even harder. Then I peed my pants…and it wasn’t like a little bit. It went on FOREVER! I was so embarrassed and of course she told everyone we knew the whole story.

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In highschool, my best friend and I decide it would be “smart” to climb up on the roof of the house to tan. Who knows why we were so stupid? Well, we climbed up with our towels and laid up for a while. We had an ice chest, towels, magazines..the whole set up. When we decided we were done, both of us were too scared to climb back down onto the ladder. We were afraid to step down off the roof. When I finally got the nerve, the ladder fell. We were stuck up on that roof all day long until my Dad got home from work. We fried! We were so sunburned our eyes were swollen. Oh, I forgot to mention, we were tanning for the prom which was the next weekend. We were peeling so bad, neither of us got to go. We got punished also.

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haha.. very nice stories so far! keep ‘em coming…

one of my many was when i was on a cruise in greece. the day before we are supposed to leave the staff holds an assembly thing and tells everyone to keep clothes out for the next day, pack everything else, and leave the luggage outside your door. she also warned us that someone without fail always either forgets clothes or packs them away. so i get all my clothes out, pack the rest, put out my suitcase, and go to bed. so now its morning, im getting dressed and talking to my friend who is sharing a room with me. shes saying something to me and all of a sudden i scream. she looks over and im holding up a pair of her pants…. not mine. we are not the same size – shes super tiny and about a foot and a half shorter than me – so i cant exactly just wear her pants. i start to freak out because, of course, the luggage (and everything in it) is off the ship by now. i had to make a “toga” out of the bed sheet and go downstairs for help. staff told me that everything was already going through customs and that it might be difficult to find my suitcase and that even if i wanted to look for it i had to debark, go through customs and look for it at the other end… and in this case, i had better take everything with me cause i cant get back on the ship once im off. (well… FUCK!) so thats what i did. i got my stuff, debarked, went through customs in a makeshift toga with everyone looking at me thinking ”theres the person who we were warned about last night.” yes, here i am.

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Oh and another story that comes to mind…I was with the same friend and we decided to climb our local mountain. When we were on our way down we chose to take another path through this “hole.” Well that didn’t work. When we got to the hole we realized that we couldn’t get out that way so we had to go back up. Well she got all the way back but when I started to go I couldn’t. It had rained so there was a lot of mud and I couldn’t get around this giant tree. So I freaked out and started crying. I was there for about 30 minutes when finally this family showed up and the dad helped me out. I felt pretty stupid. AND I lost my shoe in the process.

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I was out for dinner, drinks and dancing with about 20 friends and family members. We all sat at a very long table, and I was seated in the middle of the row against the wall. I had on this lightweight dress with a flippy kind of skirt to it. After a dance, I went into the ladies room to “freshen up”. When I pulled my pantyhose up, the bottom of my dress got caught in it so my whole butt was exposed. I had no idea why all of a sudden all these guys were winking and flirting with me as I made my way through the bar and back to my table.

Then I had to scootch in front of a few of my friends who had slid theirs chairs against the wall and away from the table. The whole time I was sticking my butt in their faces and wiggling down towards my seat. When I started to sit down and went to smooth the skirt under me, I FINALLY noticed where it was!! We all laughed really hard, but underneath, I wanted to cry I was so em-bare-assed!

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@scamp, you’re such a scamp! Loved the pun.

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@Breefield .. you’re such a scamp! Those are the very words that gave me my user ID!! Ha ha!! Thanks!!

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when I was in eighth grade I had to go to the hospital and have an operation I was a bit freaked out when I had to stay over night but what could I say so I stayed over night on laxetives. Anyway these doctors kept talking to eachother in my room and it was about 3am so I told them to leave and they said that they didnt have to and that they had to clean up the bed next to me so I started yelling and they started yelling at me and suddenly I craped all over the place because of the laxetives I was so embarassed i didnt know what to say so I told them: “now you have to clean this up to” and i ran to the bathroom leaving a trail of poop ror them ro coean upto” and

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So it was back to school night at my son’s school. I had on overalls. I’m walking around chatting it up and working the kindergarten room. I feel a draft move across my back and realize my overalls have split down the back, all the way past the skivvies so that my thonged bootie is out for the whole world to see! Terrible, humiliating, and awful. Nobody said ANYTHING to me. Did they think I was making a fashion statement?? That I wanted the butt hanging out? I walked around holding a folder bahind my back and promptly left.

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I was at a party with some friends and we were all drinking and having a good time. I had bought a bottle of wine to try because I had never been wine drunk. I drank most of the bottle myself and was feeling pretty good, then it hit me. I piled all over my poor hosts house on my way out the door. It got all over me and a few other people as well. My clothes were covered in red! I puke my guts up a little more, then called my DD, to meet me at the car because we needed to go. We got a little ways down the road and I realized I left my iPhone there, so we had to turn around and get it. I was so embarassed the next weekend when I went back there and a girl pointed at me and said, “Hey, your the puker from last week!” I just blushed and said, yes…

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@randy- that happened to me as well the first time I got really wasted. No embellishment, I puked red wine on a white couch in front of bunch of people!
I didn’t remember shit, so it wasn’t one of my ‘worst.’

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randy and peedub: you both sound like you’d be fun to have at a party. i honestly mean this too. even if you both did puke a little one time. but from your other posts on other questions you sound like chill people.

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I had a dentist appointment at 8 AM the day after I got home from Florida at 11 the night before. Well my dentist office is real big on using the nitrous gas so I went in the 90% asleep and got on some gas and passed out. Well I went in there with some nylon basketball shorts and a t shirt on that I slept in the night before. Well I ended up just passing out in the chair and as most guys will tell you what happens in the morning when they wake up, morning wood. Wow it was horrible and to make it worse the female dentist is a family friend and neighbor and there was a female dental hygienist being trained by another female dental hygienist. They all had smiles when I woke up and I couldn’t do anything but laugh.

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I washed my tighty whities with red clothes and it turned them pink. I just had become a fireman and forgot that I had them on that day(I kept them because I was so broke). After a fire everyone headed to the showers. When I peeled of my wet pants all the guys had a field day with me in my pink underware.

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9th grade. A guy friend at lunch made a sexist joke, and I slapped him. He slapped me back. Slap-fest ensues until somehow I trip him and he ends up in a huge puddle of mud, all the dudes laughing “Oohhh, you got took out by a GIRL!” This does not bear well on his 9th-grade self esteem.

Later that night, school dance. I make googly eyes with a hottie, finally he asks me to dance (squeal!). As we’re crushing on each other, ego-damaged guy friend has taken serious notice and at the refreshment table rolls up a white napkin, dips it half-way in red punch and drops it on the dimly-lit floor behind me. “Oh my God – Katie, look what fell out of your DRESS!!” EVERYONE within a half-mile radius snaps their head to look, hottie backs away and runs for the door, I’m stammering “but-it’s-not-and-I’m-not-even-on-my…”, and then a SLAP! ”Greg Andrews you are SO IMMATURE!!!

Thank goodness for good friends.

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(First and foremost, we were of age – and this was about 5 years ago.)

My best friend and I had to leave a concert before the main act. She was DD and it was MY b-day. The last thing I remember was starring into the bottom of my 4th Long Island Iced Tea, and after that I was in the bathrooom with some random chic who pulled my hair onto the top of my head for me. Then she sent one of her friends to find my friend on the dance floor. Next thing, I was sitting on the sidewalk outside the club posted up against the building. I’d been sitting there with my hair still flopping around on top of my head, right next to the entryway…with lots of people still waiting in line to get in. She pulled her car around and the bouncer put me in the back seat. Then, on the way home, she stopped to meet someone. They pulled their cars together in a parking lot to talk for a minute. She kept turning around to check on me in the back seat. I was passing in and out. Next thing she knew, she turned around and I was just plain gone. As it turns out, I had opened the door to puke and fell out. When she realized what had happened, she got out and came around to find me lying on my back with my feet still in the car, laughing hysterically. The next morning when she saw that my hair was still flopping around, she burst out laughing. I had no clue why until I reached up and felt the top of my head. I was confused and she was in stitches. That’s when she told me everything. The more she told me, the more I remembered…and I felt like such an idiot. For two weeks, people I didn’t even know were recognizing me and saying “Weren’t you at that Murphy Lee concert? Hey, it’s TeleTubby girl!”

Needless to say, I haven’t been back to “Long Island”.

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Those LIT’s can be lethal, can’t they? It’s my favorite drink, but I learned real quick not to have more than 2!

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lol…someone should have warned me. I’m pretty sure I had about 4 in an hour+

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No wonder someone had to tell me about the whole evening

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@spendy….OMG 4 in an hour. Poor baby!!!

So, I was at a party that had as its theme the color red. So, I dressed in red liquid latex & did my lipstick in red glitter & glitter glue. Well, everyone went nuts over the lipstick thingie & started asking me if I would do it for them, even the guys. At one point there was a line out the bathroom door waiting. At some point a friend gave me a glass about half full of gold schlager. I was so busy doing lips I didn’t realize that she kept filling the glass for me. My husband (we had only been dating a couple of months @ the time) comes looking for me after an hour or so to find me curled around the toilet with some random dude peeing over me. He looked @ the guy and ask what the f**** is he doing. The guy is like, “she’s passed out & I gotta go.

Apparently, we get back to my place & I immediately went to the bathroom with a blanket & a pillow & asked him if he would come cuddle with me. He said, uuummm sure & went to sleep in my bed. I woke up in the bathroom the next more with the most horrible hang over & found out that I drank almost a whole bottle by myself!!!

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Hahaha! Anyone else notice how most of these stories involve alcohol now?

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My parents and sisters thought it would be funny to get a Belly Dancer for 16th Birthday Party. I was really embarrassed by the whole thing, but my friends at school thought my parents were so cool…


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What a great question! I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Thanks everyone!

Can’t think of a story myself (yet) – but I will add one thing: if the story doesn’t have alcohol in it, many times it has either poop or pee!

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Being pants’d in 5th grade in front of the entire student body.

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