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Women, what particular clothing do you prefer on a man?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14664points) November 12th, 2011

Inspired by this question about lingerie.

Are there any particular articles of male clothing you associate with sexuality? Particular colors you prefer a man wear?

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I love a baseball cap on a guy. Very sexy. Jeans and a t-shirt are sexy too. But a nice suit will always make me look twice.

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I love when guys put effort to look good. Slacks a button up and a tie go a long way for me

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Jeans, a button front shirt, hiking boots. Mmmm, sexy. I can appreciate a suit, too, but I don’t think of it as sexy, just sharp looking.

Also, horse riding clothes… tight breeches, tall boots. Yes, please.

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<<< Quickly changing out of his jammies and into a suit.

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Perfect outfit:
Sport coat over a slightly unbuttoned dress shirt, nice fitting slacks/jeans, converse sneakers. The last being the most important.

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<<< And a black baseball cap.

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I like men in jeans that fit well or I think suits can be very sexy too. Really though, I think a man can wear anything and look sexy if he has thought about what works together, made sure it fits him well and isn’t wearing clothing that is in fashion, but doesn’t suit him or his age. The same rules apply to women I think too.

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Henleys and vests. But not together.

Vests are effin’ hot.

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^^ Never heard of a Henley until I googled it just now

Sweater vests or vests on a suit?

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Suit-type vests, though some guys definitely pull off the much maligned sweater vest.

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Something simple like jeans and a t-shirt/plain shirt and boots. My boyfriend dresses like this and he can make jeans look smart with a tidy shirt whilst still looking casual. I find this look very sexy.

Clothing that I find unattractive on men (I’m generalising obviously but I have yet to find these things attractive on a man) are flop-flops, crocs and pink shirts.

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Some men look great in pink. :)

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@augustlan each to their own, it just doesn’t turn me on!

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Wants @worriedguy to post a pic

I’m with the jeans and a T-shirt crowd. Black T-shirt. Boots. Wow, I guess that’s about as cliched as it gets, huh.

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A snug pair of Levis, a button down shirt half tucked and bare feets. Blue and white.
Totally sexy.
yep… that’ll do it every time ;)

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A suit or a tuxedo always look sexy in my opinion.
Soldier boots look hot too :D
In the summer, I like the topless and knee length shorts look, with sandals.

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Button up shirts or nice suits. I like ‘em looking nice.

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Alan Rickman manages to pull off very sexy outfits, no matter what.

Here he is in a Casual Layered Look

And a Artsy Suit

And a Schlubby Sweatshirt

And a Traditional Suit

Alan really does Black and Black really well, whether it’s casual or dressy.

And he also does the Casual Jeans, Jacket and Boots thing very well ; – P

This is not bad either, although most men do NOT pull off this look very well.

Oh Teacher!

Now all of this being said, I think Mark Harmon could pull off these looks just as easily!

Here he is doing Black and Black

Casual Schlubb

All Dressed Up

Trench Coat

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^ You always come up with the best answers @Kardamom ^_^

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She had those pictures in her “Alan Rickman LUSTTTTTT” and her “Mark Harmon is sex on legs” Files already. No research required hey @Kardamom?

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@Bellatrix How did you know that???

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:D I can see all…

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Well if we’re talking spank files it doesn’t really matter what a man’s wearing if he can recline on a furry rug.

No, really, seriously.

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OMG! Hee Hee Hee ^^

Thank you for not showing us Henry Kissinger.

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Did he ever make himself comfortable on a furry rug?

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@fundevogel Oh yes, similar pose as Burt Reynolds. Apparently he was considered very sexy back in the 70’s. I don’t agree. Ick.

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google, don’t fail me now!

His rug is totally fake. He must put his clothes back on.

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