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Given a chance would you like to be a man or a woman again? Why or why not?

Asked by gamefu91 (591points) January 11th, 2011

If you are a man,would like to be a man again if given a chance,or woman instead?
Or if you are a woman would you like to be a woman again or a man instead?
Why or why not?

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I’m a semi-determinist, so I figure that there was a reason that God made me male. Who am I to challenge that?

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Definitely a man, women have a harder time of it from just being female. I may get shot for this! :-/

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I love being a woman even though I am not exactly a girly-girl. If I got to choose then I would be female again.

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I love being a woman… all those males chasing you….

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For me it would depend on whether I could remember being a man. I’d like to a woman just to compare how different the two are. If I couldn’t remember though, I’d choose male again. Don’t really have a compelling reason for it, though.

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Next time I would like my body to match my mind. If I could choose I’d be male, both physically and mentally.

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Man, I feel like a woman :¬)

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Yes, except if I can be born again as a lesbian. Because I am immature…

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No thank you. You could not pay me to go through life again, as a man or a woman! Once is enough!

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I love being a man, gay or not. I have no desire to be a woman.

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Well, if I decide to switch, but find out that life really sucks as a female (I am a male), would I be able to change back? If I do change back, I would have wasted two entire lives worth of my time. If I switch at all, my entire life before would have been wasted. So I shall stay male.

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A man if I could be married to a woman who cooks well, brings me the meals, does my laundry and shopping, buys my kids gifts and wraps them, cleans the house etc. But I’d rather be a woman if I couldn’t have the slave labor.

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@snowberry – I completely agree.

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I’d be neither.

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I am not coming back until the human race becomes androgynous. Then there will be no questions of superiority or gender specific clothing or jobs. Hopefully then no one will be telling anyone they can’t do this or that or they shouldn’t like this or that or they shouldn’t even be interested in this or that!!!

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I don’t think I could handle being a woman with the psychological make-up of a man. I’d have to have a sex change operation. But I’m pretty sure I’d be pretty miserable. I am who I am. I don’t think I would make sense any other way. I mean, sense to myself.

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Id have a crack at being a chick for sure, I mean… Im never going to know what its like in this life.

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I love being a woman, but I would love to experience sex as a man at least once. What would it feel like? Don’t you think we would all be better lovers if we knew what it felt like to be the other sex?

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@Earthgirl yeah, sex bit is the most intriguing hey..

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@Earthgirl raises a great point, and the only hesitation I’d have in being a woman again. Then again, most of my partners recently have been women, so I guess I do know both sides of the equation in those cases.

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I love being female even though it’s not easy. But I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Women ROCK!

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The best part of being male, is just that being male. The male is said to be the protector of the Family even down to some of the most basic species the male has alwasy been the essence or power and stregth. there are a few cases i.e. the black widow and the Praying Mantis where the females species considered dominant.
BUT, on the flipside the female has so much power over the male. pshycologicly most of the things that were great in this world where done with the insperation of a woman. And to think about the process of child birth which in itself is a miracle. But, as a male that is something I would never want to go through all in all. I have fraternal twins a boy and girl and its going to be interesting to see how they grow being little fragments of my DNA.

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