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If men really have it better or easier if a woman has the chance to be a man wouldn't she logically take it?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26856points) January 11th, 2011

Gleaning the info from Fluther and other sources it appears more women then men believe that men have it easier or better in life. Men are usually in control, they call the shots, rule the household, get paid more, don’t suffer abuse as much, don’t have periods, etc, why if a woman found a lamp on the beach with a genie in it who would make them wake up a man they wouldn’t do it? I mean if you thought being rich was better than being poor and you were poor would you turn down a windfall of cash? If men really do have it better then logically women would want to be a member of that club, right?

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That men might have certain advantages does not entail that those who notice those advantages should want to be men. They might want the advantages, but not enough to switch sexes for them. It’s all a balance of desiderata.

Something I find fascinating is that if you read this book and this book, you’ll see that the female authors tend to portray the transformation negatively, whereas the male authors tend to portray it positively. An interesting result, I think, despite the limited sample size.

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Being a women has more advantages than being a man does, I think. But they’d have to ignore pride to take full advantage of them.

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This begs the corollary question, why aren’t more misogynic men who whine about women getting all the breaks, getting sexual reassignment surgery?

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Why would a woman, typically knowing what inequality is like firsthand, want to wish the same thing on another human being? Any oppressed who wishes to become the oppressor has not learned a thing about life. Becoming part of the problem doesn’t fix the problem. And that is what we’re talking about, isn’t it? We’re not talking about society in its ideal state… We’re talking about women wanting to be men, right now, with things the way they are? No, thank you. I’m a part of that society already, on the opposing, disadvantaged end. Why then, would I desire to contribute to the problem even more?

Why, when I am already a female, would I desire to become a male, in order to benefit from all of the advantages? What is so hard about understanding that I want the same opportunities – being who I am right now.

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Just because it might be easier in some ways (ie: no cramps!!!!!!!!) that doesn’t mean it would be worth it. I imagine that giving birth to another human, for example, is one of the most amazing experiences a person can go through.

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Why should one change oneself because others oppress them? Don’t you feel some attachment to the person you are now? Would immediately change yourself if other people treated you poorly for it?

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Are you talking about women becoming men or females becoming males? There is a difference.

In a sense, I, as someone who identifies as a woman, would want to become a man only in the sense that I would want to have all of the opportunities that men have that I lack. In the same sense, I would want men to “become” women in order to have all of the opportunities and advantages that I, as a woman, have.

I don’t think that men have better advantages or opportunities in American society, I think we just label them as better. There are a lot of things that a woman can do that a man cannot and I think that is just as unfair.

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As a male ally and pro-feminist, I second what @DrasticDreamer said.

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It would not be logical to become male as the person in question will have already invested alot of time, effort and resources into adapting and developing themselves physically and mentally with the attributes that were, have been and have become available to them.

It’s the equivelent of me forcing you to spend your life in a big clear cube. After a couple of years you’ll have found ways to, while in this cube, socialise, move around, eat, drink, sleep and basically live a comfortable life. Then after that I decide I don’t want you in a cube anymore, so I put you in a big clear ball. You’d adapted to that cube life, you’d built personal things about yourself around that life and now I’m suddenly throwing you into a whole new scenario which will undoubtedly make you extremely uncomfortable for a substantial period of time, maybe permanently, even if it is logically more advantageous in some regards.

Obviously males and females are not cubes and spheres (I feel I dodged a bullet by not making the male aspect of the analogy ‘balls’ there) as the number of benefits and detriments of each are an extremely subjective thing. But those who have experienced one side will have found methods with which to apply the benefits making them appear more beneficial, and reduce or evade the detriments making them appear less detrimental. Ergo, from their perspective, it seems logically clear that they should remain their current sex even when given an option.

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Becoming a man means stopping being myself. I hate the inequality but I like myself – and I do not hate the inequality so much that I’d basically commit suicide to get away from it. And like @DrasticDreamer pointed out, it doesn’t really solve the problem – I’d much rather fight it from this side than sit passively on the other side.

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Based on what I know of men and the culture of men, I am glad to be a woman. If I had my choice, I’d absolutely stay on this side of the fence. Just because I want equality or equal privileges =/= me wanting to be a man.

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@MissAnthrope – ga and I agree.

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I’d never give up my chance to be a mother, even to be a father.
Nope I’d never change, I love being a woman, cramps and all.

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I love being a woman. I want the power that men have, but not to be a man.

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Oh yea, that’s a great solution. Not only do you get to be inferior for the first half of your life but for the second half of your life, you should cut into the only thing that somewhat belongs to you and can give you pleasure (your body) so that you can walk the earth as the sex that gets privilege. Awesome.

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I would love to be a man for a few days!!! Mainly for sexual reasons though.

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Oh no thank you very much! Why in the world would I want to be one of them

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I love being a woman as well. No, I wouldn’t change.

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