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What do you think about men changing words to make they seem more manlier? E.G manny, manbag.

Asked by Myndecho (948points) April 21st, 2009

(If I don’t add details Dom could have a go at me for not liking words that have changed)
I wouldn’t even take notice if a man was a nanny or wore a handbag, but I would comment if they started using these words as it makes them seem insecure about their own masculinity.

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It’s mostly because of Movies, TV shows, ads, and the Web. They are “news worthy”, although not new. Man bag was around in the late last century (1968 per one source). The words are used primarily to draw attention to non-traditional role reversal, as in male nanny = manny, for the purposes of selling the stories. It’s about as silly as any ‘fad’ words, and probably as short-lived.

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I carry a murse so what do I know. ;^)

I generally see it as humor.

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lol come on now, the male ego is a delicate thing, what do you expect?

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like when you “manscape”?

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I’ve never heard of that term before :P

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I don’t think they’re insecure, it’s just a silly term.

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it’s all in jest… because let’s face it… it really has the opposite effect no? saying man-bag instead of bag just makes it seem like you’re trying too hard.

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Male insecurity and homophobia.

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Bromance is definitely the top of the list for me, could that word be any dumber?

That said…I agree with @tinyfaery.

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