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Oh Jelly, Jelly, wherefore art thou Jelly?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30551points) January 12th, 2011

Seriously, why are we represented by a fluther of jellyfish? Jellyfish don’t have any brains! This is a question and answer sight where we are encouraged to use ours to the best of our ability.

Mine hurts.

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@hawaii_jake You need to get out more, sir. ;-)

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It’s the sight of all of those writhing tentacles. Besides, Fluther sounds cool as a word.

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@Jude : But if I go to the beach, I might step on a dead jellyfish, and that would just give me nightmares of stepping on one of you. Or one of you might sting me… Or…

@marinelife : Writhing sounds cool, too…Say it, “Writhing.” It kind of makes the mouth do a somersault. We won’t get into “tentacles.” ;-)~

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Couldn’t that be applied to any organization using animals as mascots?
What would you like it to be?

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@coffeenut : Why not have a vegetable mascot like leeks?

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Who knows what was going on in the mind(s) of the site founder(s) when they started this site. I’m sure there has to be an interesting story on why the name was chosen. Maybe they were befriended by a mindless jellyfish…...

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its not what we are but what whe strive to be
a seemingly mindles blumb of jelly that actualy is a not caring jellyfish knowing everything and enoys the simple things like floating around.

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I’m trying to think of something smart to say, but it just ain’t coming. Maybe that’s because I’m a jelly. Without peanut butter. Or bread. Or root beer.

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Jellies are all mother-fluthers anyway!

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I think the metaphor is brilliant. A jellyfish is actually a colony of individual organisms (polyps), having different abilities but all working together as a single organism (maybe we should call each other polyps instead of jellies).

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@thorninmud I’d prefer not to be called a polyp – thanks! Don’t care for the connotations. Otherwise, I like your explication of the metaphor.

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Fellow polyps has a bad ring to it.

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So I’m a polyp now? wtf? :P

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Be aware that you called this a “Question and answer sight.Who doesn’t have any brains now? ~

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@Fred931 LMAO! I saw that too. @hawaii_jake welcome to Flutter Fluther….again.

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