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When your significant other is going to be gone a long time?

Asked by jewels10 (58points) April 11th, 2008 from iPhone

what should a person do when their partner is going to be away for about a year? How do they keep from straying?

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Keep yourself busy! Take some classes, spend time with friends, Get addicted to fluther (which by the way is easy to do) Join a gym, or anything that helps you fill the time so you won’t feel so lonely. But if you are afraid you might stray, are there problems in the relationship? Are you having second thoughts about your SO? If so you might want to discuss them with him before he leaves. If you aren’t sure about this relationship, why wait a whole year?

But if you don’t have problems and are truly committed, staying busy to fight being lonliness should help keep temptations at bay. One of my best friends has a husband in Iraq, and he has spent more time away from her than they have been together. She has learned to cope very well, so it can be done. You might want to consult with some military wives for tips.

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First of all if you are in love with them, you will not cheat. Keep in touch with them as much as possible so they will remain a part of your daily life. Learn new interests and hobbies. Take this time to learn more about yourself. Keep busy with friends and family. Dont put yourself in a bad position where you may do something you will be sorry for. I know a year is a long time. It will either make you so sure of your relationship or break it up. It all depends on what you choose to do with it.

I have said that I believe staying with someone and living them is a choice.

Good luck!

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Temptation is going to come. Be ready for that! Many things cab change in a year. On the flipside the partner can stray. Talk to your partner about the realities. Even if your are tempted and almost strayed, share it with your partner. I think they will respect the open and honest communication, This is a test of the most stable relationships being away from each other.

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Is he in the service?

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Hmmmm, cheating on your part or his?I have seen 14 divorces due to delos trips away from home in my shop….. The woman just bangs someone else because they are alone/stressed/sad. Just stay busy and on good terms and get the wabbit

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Do you have friends you just flirt with? I have a few ‘platonic girlfriends’ I go out with sometimes. We flirt and make believe or whatever, dry hump…(just kidding about the last one).

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Lots and lots of communication! Along with trust, and faith. Being in a long distance relationship myself, I know what i’m talking about. You will feel lonely no-doubt about that.Remind your self why you love him and why he is important to you. Like others have said keep busy. Maybe take up a hobby or go to the gym, that way when he return’s you’ll be all buff and what not. It’s going to be hard trust me on that. I wish I had a simple answer for you. Try this link it might help you. They have a lot on long distance relationships.

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No he’s not in the service. Its a work thing. Thank u all for some great answers. Very good points for me to think about…

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It’s hard, but if you truly love him then straying will probably be the last thing on your mind. Communicate as much as you can. Lots of ways to communicate, but writing love letters helps. Sometimes is easier to write down how we feel about someone. While he is away keep yourself busy.

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do it like Pink and Carey Hart do when they were separated for long periods

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So how did it all go. January 2011

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