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What famous person/people do you look like?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25184points) January 15th, 2011

I searched, and it appears this question hasn’t been asked for a couple of years. I could be wrong, but it looks that way.

What celebrity do people tell you that you resemble? Is there a celebrity that you think you resemble?
Do you agree with the likeness that other people see between you and a celebrity, or do you think it is way off the mark?

I’m actually asking this question with more than the superficial, fun aspect in mind. I’m curious to see how often our perception of our physical selves matches what the rest of the world sees when they look at us.
Feel free to include photos.

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According to others, rather like Isabella Rosselini when she was younger. Not as thin though.

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@ZEPHYRA you you disagree?

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@TheOnlyNeffie perhaps back in my salad days I may have resembled her a tiny bit, I don’t think so now.

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I’ve been told I look like Daryl Hannah, but I disagree.

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@ZEPHYRA : “Blue Velvet” era Isabella Rosselini?

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I kinda remember a site that you upload a pic and it matches a celeb you look like…

I don’t look like a famous person….per say But I do have hundreds of clones running around the world….Everywhere I go people think they know me….are sure of it…..and don’t believe me when I say they don’t….I started keeping track 15 years ago…so far 7493 people have told me this…I find this really weird….and I have never met a clone of mine.

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When I was in my early 20’s people used to say I looked a lot like Sandra Bullock. I never really thought so; we do have very similar coloring, though. But, no one has made this comment in over a decade.

@coffeenut I used that site once and it told me I most resemble Liv Tyler.

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@jenandcolin yes, about that time.

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100% serious….It drives me nuts….

Random people come up to me and continue a conversation they were having with me last night…I flew in that morning..

once one guy gave me $50.00 he borrowed from me “last night” Seattle….I was there less then 3 hrs

First time I went to Jamaica checking in at my hotel….Clerk: aaaah Mr **** you’re back again….not me

and so on and so on and so on…..

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I’ve been told that I look like Anderson Cooper and/or Ryan Gosling.

I’m not complaining. :\

I’ve also been compared to Erik Per Sullivan (better known as “Dewey” on Malcolm in the Middle)...

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I have never been told that I look like a celebrity, and I haven’t ever seen a celebrity that even slightly resembles me. Although I did once do one of those computer things where you upload a photo and it analyses your face and tells you what celebrity it thinks you look like. It told me I looked like Gary Kasparov (the chess champion). I don’t agree though. He’s better looking than I am.

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Using the site where you upload a photo, I was told I most resemble Anette Bening (same cheekbones), Carrie Underwood (same smile) and… Regis Philbin (uh… not sure where that one came from).

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I mostly get Jessica Biel and Sandra Bullock, but I don’t see the resemblance in either.
And then, sometimes people say I look like the girl from Stick It, Missy Peregrym. I do think I have similar bone structure to her and I think my strong boxed jawline is similar to all of these women, but other than that, I don’t see much of a comparison.

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I have had Hilary Swank, I don’t really agree with it. My boyfriend thinks I have the same smile as Frieda Pinto (whether I agree or not, it’s a wonderful compliment) and two people have recently told me that I look a bit like Angelina Jolie (dark hair, full lips) which, of course, I want to agree with but if I’m honest proably can’t (maybe when I’m not smiling)!!!

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@Leanne1986 I get Angelina Jolie a lot, too. The actual resemblance doesn’t exist. My neighbor and I argue about it on a regular basis. Flattering, though, I agree. :)

I also get Fiona Apple – which I do see. When we are both straight-faced, anyhow. We have very different smiles, but I see where people get that one from. We have very similar features.

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@TheOnlyNeffie I really see the Fiona Apple thing. I had to google her to see what she looked like!

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Oh, FAMOUS! I thought you said INFAMOUS.

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I must have been told that I look like Jackie Onassis about 100 times. I suppose there is a certain resemblance.

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I’ve been told I look like Ernest Borgnine before,—in his younger days—but they are just trying to get in my pants. ;)

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My Dad was a dead ringer for Walter Matthau.

I’ve been told I look like Sally Field but not in a while.

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Jason Statham, it’s getting now that even my kids tell me this. I see maybe a slight resemblance, I do shave my head. I am of course, much better looking than him….but I would say that wouldn’t I? :¬)

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Having just woke up I bear a striking resemblance to Phyllis Diller

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Years ago in L.A. I was mistaken by two ladies coming out of an elevator as the actor, Elliot Gould. Similar hair at the time, and I guess my Jewish face.

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@Cruiser, Oh my God, I’m so sorry. Remind me never to be anywhere near when that happens.

Of course, she might look like you when she wakes up, which is an even scarier thought.

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@noelleptc – It’s the My Heritage site; at least that’s the one I’ve used before.

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According to that, I look like James Spader, Janeane Garofalo and Nana Mouskouri. I’m gonna have to try a photo without glasses to see what happens – it’s too bad that glasses seem to be part of the equation.

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Thanks for the laugh @Austinlad!

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That site gives me some girl who was in Terminator 3. Which is funny, as I’m tan-skinned and not blonde. Maybe it’s a bone structure thing. I’ve not gotten a person of colour ever and I’m definitely a POC. I get James Spader a lot too, with or without glasses.

If I look like anyone, I’d say Rosario Dawson, but not nearly as tall.

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According to that site i’m a dead ringer for Joe Pesci!!??!! Jared Leto (whoever he is) & Cameron Diaz….yeah right!

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@noelleptc Well I use sperm for hair gel, swear like a mother fucker & the wife knows i’m sexier than hell…maybe something in it after all ;¬}

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@ucme – You just made me throw up in my mouth a little.

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My sister thinks I look like Britney Spears. I was quick to tell her that I didn’t consider that a compliment. No one else sees it.

I also had someone tell me I look like Sarah Rue. I think my features are pretty similar, but her dark eyes look very different on her face than mine.

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@Seelix Frightfully sorry m’dear :¬p

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Just for fun, I put in my picture of Edward James Olmos. He doesn’t look like Edward James Olmos, but like Ian McKellen and Susan Sontag!

@ucme – ‘S’ok – it was icky until I realized the Cameron Diaz connection :P

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@Seelix Well of course… didn’t think?....why i’ve never been so…..XD

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Apparently on that site I look like Mark Owen…LOL!

When I was university I had a couple of people say I looked like Sonia from Eastenders…that was possibly after a few drinks though.

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When I was younger, between 11 and 15 or so, I was mistaken for Lindsay Lohan constantly. She lived near me growing up and around the time Parent Trap came out, people would stop me all the time!

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When I had long hair, I frequently was told I looked like Sebastien Bach from Skid Row, and some Brazilians used to call me Axl Rose. A few years later I started getting told I looked like Kid Rock. At that point I cut my hair. More recently I’ve been told I look like Dolph Lundgren. My mother-in-law thinks I look like Sylvester Stallone, which seems utterly ridiculous when you contrast that to the other celebs I’ve listed above.

Personally, I think I sort of look like Jane Lynch.

filmfann's avatar allows you to upload a photograph, and it tells you what celebrity you look like.

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@noelleptc I always thought you kind of looked like Audrey Hepburn. : )

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@noelleptc check out this picture of Audrey Hepburn and tell me what you think?

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I don’t think I look like anybody famous, and I can’t recall anyone telling me I do either.

I uploaded my picture to myheritage and got Jeff Bridges as my top result. Even though it was only a 63% likeness, I’m gonna consider that a win.

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That means you are at least 73% super hot. Congratulations.

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I have been told that I look like some person from the Big Bang Theory.

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Since the 70’s I’ve been told I look like Farah Fawcett. I don’t know if it’s true or not. I just don’t spend that much time looking at myself in the mirror.

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A computer based face analyzer once said I resemble Morgan Freeman. Just for reference, I am white and polynesian. Somehow, I didn’t see it. :P

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Leonardo’s paintuing of Ginevra di Benci

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When my son was still small enough that his natural view of my face was from below me, he said, “Mom, You look like Eleanor Roosevelt.” I knew what he meant. It was buck teeth and my looking down double chin. Looked at straight ahead, those features are not as evident. I hope.

Dutchess_III's avatar

Oh…I have a button pin of Farrah Fawcett, like the kind you get at the fair. She’s 28 or so, lying on a bed on her stomach with all that hair flying around. Well, my 5 year old grandson, Aden found it, wanted to know who it was. I said, “Who does it look like?”
He thought for a moment and said, “It looks like Brande.” Who is his sister. Who is 7. I LOL’d!!! I guess I’m losin’ it!

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For as many years as she has been popular, I have been told very excitedly that I look like Mariah Carey. I’m not crazy though.

Matter of fact, about 10 years ago or so, I straightened my curly hair and dyed it blonde. My boyfriend was a semi-famous photographer so we tested things a bit by getting a limo and going out in sunglasses at night in South Beach.

A few people were convinced I was her.

Also, a couple of years prior to that, my first husband and I were at her concert in the 2nd row and everyone around us was asking me if I was her sister or cousin.

I’m excited to check out the site you guys mentioned.

Sarcasm's avatar

@MacBean Ahaha. Fair point. Okay, I’ve been told before that I look like Dean Lennox Kelly as Shakespeare. Though I have to say, I don’t see it.

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When I am blonde people say I look like Goldie Hawn.

ETpro's avatar

Long ago, when I looked like this I used to get mistaken for David Bowie.

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People have told me that I look like numerous celebrities. Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Kristin Kreuk (sp?), Shannyn Sossamon, and James King. The only two that I can see any resemblance to at all are Shannyn Sossamon and James King.

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Tatum O’Neal, Gloria Estefan, Barbra Streisand, and Jennifer Grey pre nose job.

anartist's avatar

RE my earlier answer
yjos was MANY years ago.
2 dedsigners at the ational Gallery of Art said this in XXXX

incendiary_dan's avatar

@ETpro Now that is stylin’. I can see the Bowie resemblance.

ETpro's avatar

Even younger my hair was still quite blond and I was writing the music reviews for the infamous L.A. Star semi-porn tabloid. I was at Columbia Records headquarters in Hollywood to see one of the publicists and pick up some PR relesases on new albums coming out, and somebody passing me in the hall said, “Hi David, I didn’t know you were in town.” I just smiled and walked on.

Of course, with Bowie you have to define which one. The Thin White Duke stage I could do but Ziggy Stardust was not my style. :-)

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I have been told I look like David Copperfield. I went to a show early in his career and met him. Yep. He thought so too.

I’m pretty sure Claudia Schiffer married him because I was already taken. ;-)

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@worriedguy did e want to use you as a magic stunt double?

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Princess Diana. She died when my son was a toddler. Every magazine had her picture. He referred to all of her pics as “Mama”. I still get compared to her.
I also got a lot of Farrah Fawcett comparisons.
Intriguing Question!

Dutchess_III's avatar

Since the mid-70’s (in my 20’s) I was told constantly that I looked like Farrah Fawcett. I don’t know if I agree or disagree. I didn’t spend that much time looking at myself. Besides, the only time you saw a picture of Ms Fawcett she was coiffed, dressed, make up and all that HAIR done to perfection, picture taken at the best angle and all that. She probably went to the dentist 12 times to my 1 in a year! Who can compete with that? Really!

BUT! You want to see something freaky?! This is a picture of a friend of ours that I took about three years ago. This is a random picture I came across on the internet last year and I KNOW it’s not our friend!

JLeslie's avatar

@aLittleBit I had completely forgotten that my aunt used to tell me constantly that
I look like Princess Di. But, my aunt was the only one, the other I mentioned I get told all of the time by many people including strangers throughout my life. I need to look at some pics of Di again.

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Any dean winchester look a likes out there ?

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I was just told today I look kind of like Sam Elliot:The_Golden_Compass_Wallpaper_4_800.jpg in _The Golden Compas. I’m OK with that.

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